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Schneider starts second straight ahead of Luongo

Schneider starts second straight ahead of Luongo
Corey Schneider Vancouver Goalie

Cory Schneider looked relaxed and confident in the Vancouver net in his second straight start

Cory Schneider got his second straight start vs. the Oilers on boxing day, remaining unbeaten in regulation time after the Canucks secured a 3-2 victory on a Kevin Bieksa goal with only 23 seconds remaining.

The Canucks rested starter Roberto Lunogo, who flew in late from the brief Christmas break in Florida, arriving in Vancouver at 11:20 PM the previous night. He was spending the time with his wife who is there expecting the couple’s second child any day now.

The Schneider start marked the first time in Luongo’s Canucks career that he failed to start two straight while healthy.  The Canucks are heading into a busy stretch in their schedule and getting Lunogo some rest now made sense.

“If you look at our schedule, it’s going to get pretty crazy. We’ve got two guys who are capable of playing here and I think it was a good idea having Schneids start tonight,” Luongo told reporters in the morning.

Don’t think that this is about to cause any sort of controversy in Canuck land either. With the exception of the Detroit game, Luongo is coming of a great month and Coach Alain Vigneault put the issue to rest by making it clear that starting Schneider had been in the cards for a while.

“Cory has known for a while that he was going to start tonight. It’s just me keeping you [reporters] on your toes.”

With the exception of the second goal where he looked a bit off-angle, Schneider played a solid game, keeping his movements simple and looking as relaxed as ever has. He was in position all night, absorbed shots and gave little for the Oilers to take advantage of, improving to 5-0-2 with a 2.56 goals-against average and .912 save percentage this season.

He spoke with InGoal after about how back to back starts have helped, noting:

“Every single game I play I get a little more comfortable, a little more confident and having played recently can’t hurt. I felt sharp like I was tracking the puck well, I just did what I had to do.”

When asked about his ability to look so relaxed in the net he spoke a bit about his style of play saying,

“I try to play real quiet and calm. You want to be loose. You don’t want to be tight, frantic you don’t want to be stabbing at pucks. You want to be smooth, look relaxed and just accept pucks and steer rebounds. I try to be tall and play a quiet game and let pucks hit me.”

Loungo backing up Schneider

Unfamiliar territory - Roberto Luongo chats alongside the Vancouver bench as he backs up Cory Schnedier in a rare home start. Don't expect to see this on Tuesday when Luongo will be back in the net against the Philadelphia Flyers.

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  1. Mark

    I remember this coming up in the news at the time and how there was speculation Luongo was injured. I am amazed at Schneider’s record this past season: 16-4-2 if I recall correctly. Those are great numbers for a backup. I now kneo why Schneider is always rumoured to be trade bait. I woul only trade Schneider for a top 2 d-man, or a top line forward. Eddie Lack is lookIng good tonback up Luongo if a trade happens.