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Scrivens NHL and NWHL Game-Used Gear For Sale

IMG_6887Gear heads rarely hesitate to jump at the chance to own NHL game-used equipment, so seeing the Vaughn pads and gloves used by Ben Scrivens during his 2014-15 season with the Edmonton Oilers up for auction was bound to raise the eyebrows of goaltenders everywhere.

But there’s a lot more to this particular set of custom-made Vaughn equipment, starting with the fact it was also worn by Ben’s wife, Jenny Scrivens, during the inaugural 2015-16 NWHL preseason, making it the only set of goaltending gear to be used in both the NHL and NWHL.

Best of all, Jenny Scrivens, who also handles public relations for the NWHL, is donating 100% of the money from the sale of the equipment to the NWHL Foundation to help grow women’s hockey.

So it’s a win-win-win kind of situation for goalies everywhere.

This historic eBay auction closes Friday afternoon. You can check it out and bid by clicking here.

IMG_6886Of course the good news for goalie geeks is these aren’t just any set of Vaughn pads. It’s been well documented here at InGoal how deeply Ben Scrivens thinks about the position, so it should come as no surprise that his pads have some unique custom twists.

That includes the sizing, which is listed at 33-inches in the auction. A quick email to Vaughn resulted in this explanation: “Scrivens’ pads are 35″ + 1″ added to thigh but – 2″ off the shin for a 34″ total.”

So basically it is a 33+1 inch pad (Scrivens actually played in a pad below his maximum size).

As you can see in the photos, there is an additional custom strap (the thicker white one) designed to sit atop the back of the calf. This can help hold the pad up higher for a goalie with longer legs, while loosening the strap will let the pad sit a bit lower, opening up the fit range for goalies interested in the auction.

Goalies will also quickly notice the customized elastic strapping from the kneestack down to a buckle at the top of the calf, which replaces the standard wraparound elastic strap.

There is also a single elasticized strap on the middle of the calf, leaving the only traditional leather and buckle strap down on the boot, which should also reduce the weight of these pads.

Lastly, but certainly not least, check out the angled knee stack in the picture below, something Scrivens was the first to do a couple of years back in an effort to ensure the kneestacks sealed in a way that also allowed his kneepads and the top of his pads to close perfectly. It’s a feature we’ve seen Henrik Lundqvist since add, even on his new Bauer Supreme 1S Odin pads this season:


No wonder Scrivens’ nickname is “The Professor” (because he is a Cornell University graduate), which as a bonus is actually stitched into these pads and gloves. Just one more reason to go to eBay and bid on them now, as if donating to the NWHL Foundation and owning a piece of history wasn’t already enough.


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