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Short Side Shots – Don’t Activate Your Stick

Short Side Shots – Don’t Activate Your Stick

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This highlight popped up as I was watching a game recently and I had to save it. On a relatively straightforward shot along the ice to the short side, Craig Anderson of the Ottawa Senators gets his stick involved to direct the rebound into the corner as most goalies are taught to do. But things don’t go the way that he planned…?

This is something we see all too often on the short side. The stick is at such an extreme angle that it doesn’t direct the puck into the corner, instead it is directed up and behind the goaltender. The puck gets onto the glass and an unpredictable rebound results – it may hit a stanchion, it might just hit at such an angle it pops back out to create a scoring threat. I have even seen them rebound back out, hit the goaltender and go in the net.

Don’t use your stick on short side shots!

I teach goaltenders to keep their stick off of short side low shots. Instead I ask them to use a simple pad save to push the puck into the corner, out of danger. 

This brief video sample will give you an idea what I’m talking about. You can see the full video, in higher resolution, and a detailed explanation of my system on InGoal Premium.

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