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Mike Smith’s Kids Ride Wile E. Coyote on New Mask

Mike Smith’s Kids Ride Wile E. Coyote on New Mask

Mike Smith Phoenix Coyotes mask 2013-14 right topMike Smith and his personal artist David Arrigo of Darrigo Art have been teaming up to produce some great Phoenix Coyotes mask the last few years.

Starting with Wile E. Coyote as the prominent character as a goalie, then suiting him up in vintage pads and gloves and, finally adding Smith’s young children in hockey-playing poses on either side, the series of Coyotes mask has quickly a fan favourite here at InGoal.

Now it’s time for the next installation, and according to Arrigo, Smith took an “even bigger hand” the design this time.

“The only thing he didn’t do on this one was paint it,” Arrigo joked of a “a clean and very simple background design.”

The goalie gear is gone, but Smith’s kids, Ajax and Aksel are again featured prominently in a true “wrap-around design.” And like their dad, whose recent goal-scoring exploits will be celebrated this week with his own bobble head, it appears the Smith children like their locks flowing.

The Smith kids have joined Wile E. riding an ACME rocket, with one holding onto his ears, on the left side, and it catches up to and impales the road runner on the right side of the mask . The exhaust from the rocket trails back under the chin, which features a Route 41 highway sign for Smith’s No. 41, and over to the bottom of the right, with their names pillowing out in the smoke. One kid is wearing a “SmithPup” jersey.

All in all, it’s another a fun, family-friendly mask that nicely ties Smith to the Coyotes, and a worthy successor to the Wile E. Coyote series.

Enjoy the photos below, and for more great David Arrigo art – and there’s a lot more there than just masks as David has been commissioned to do live murals at the Olympics, NHL All-star Game, and Superbowl, among others – please visit his web site and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


Mike Smith Phoenix Coyotes mask 2013-14 left side


Mike Smith Phoenix Coyotes mask 2013-14 front


Mike Smith Phoenix Coyotes mask 2013-14 right side


Mike Smith Phoenix Coyotes mask 2013-14 right top


Mike Smith Phoenix Coyotes mask 2013-14 top

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  1. Warren Shapiro

    It’s nice to show that he cares about his kids. With that he will help the franchise in attendance to bring kids to the game. Maybe the team will lower their prices on tickets for kids. Also the “Coyote” is really cool.
    Lets hope the franchise will survive with this new ownership group. I hope so. Don’t worry Coyote fans the RoadRunner ( former name of the franchise before they joined the NHL with the Winnepeg Jets) will not show up Beep Beep.

  2. Ian Wotherspoon Phoenix

    This is an awesome looking mask. Another piece of fabulous Artwork by the well known David Arrigo. I too agree with what Warren Shapiro said about Mike having his two kids added to this mask. I’m sure it thrilled them when they saw it, it’s just too cool, well done Mike. Most Kids relate to things like this in a BIG way and possibly it will bring more people, especially kids, out to a game.

    Wile E. Coyote is the perfect character for the Phoenix Coyotes and Mike Smith I believe is doing the team a favour by having him painted on his mask.

    I really love it – most definitley it’s now become my favourite, but I must admit, I’m partial to Wile E. Coyote as I had him as a Mascot with more than one team during my many years of coaching.

    I look forward to the next design by David Arrigo, I’m sure it will be great.

  3. dsm

    Convinced these two posters ^^^ are the same person.

  4. Al pixley

    Mike is one of classiest and genuine people u will meet.

    He recently took time after a game to sign hats, jerseys and shake hands with everyone in attendance.

    My 6 yr old son (who plays minor hockey where Mike did) is still wearing the hat mike signed and told my wife “mommy if you wash this I am going to be very angry”.

    The impact Mike has on these kids inspires them to continue playing hockey and trying to be the best they can be. We couldn’t have a better human being as a role model for these kids.

    • Ian Wotherspoon Phoenix

      Al, I love what your son told your wife, that but a gigantic smile on my face and in my heart also. As Art Linkletter says: “Kids say the darndest things,” and they do. I can see him standing there with a very serious face and looking up at your wife and saying “mommy if you wash this I am going to be very angry,” now I’m laughing. That is so prescious. It’s really nice to hear that Mike Smith is so good with the kids because hockey needs more of the players reacting like this. Of course, goalies ARE Special people.

      Thanks for your words they are appreciated by this retired goalie coach of 40+ years.

      MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody.