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Sorcerer Duck On Khudobin’s Anaheim Mask

Sorcerer Duck On Khudobin’s Anaheim Mask

Dobby Ducks4We’ve probably all heard of the Walt Disney character Donald Duck.

Some of you may even know his uncle, Scrooge McDuck.

When Anton Khudobin made his first start for the Anaheim Ducks on Wednesday night, hockey fans were introduced to Sorcerer Duck, and while the Russian goalie’s debut only lasted 13 minutes, his bold new goalie mask is sure have a more lasting impression.

Painted by with Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush, Khudobin’s new Vaughn by Pro’s Choice mask continues the sorcerer theme that was part of his Carolina Hurricanes mask last season.

“Anton wanted to keep the same design as last year but with the jersey shoulder patch on top,” Marsolais told InGoal. “So we incorporated a special blend of orange to make it pop and added a couple features. First you can see the sorcerer has a Duck’s goalie mask with palm trees in the wind in the background. Secondly, on the other side we incorporated realistic ducks in the spiral with his same demand of Russian club logos engraved in the rock.”

Those Russian club logos include past teams that paved the way to the NHL, something Marsolais explained when she talked about including them on the Hurricanes mask last season.

“While talking to Khudobin he explain to us the hard path he had to take to make it to the NHL, and Anton wanted to have the Kazzinc-Torpedo and the Metallurg Magnitogors logos somewhere on his mask to mark that journey,” she said. “The Torpedo logo represented the foundation of his technique, which (Evgeni) Nabokov taught him, while Metallurg was one of his junior teams.”

The chin features his nickname, “Dobby,” using a Ducks logo for the “D,” with a “3D honeycomb effect” behind it. The backplate has the same Russian eagle/phoenix as past masks as well as the name of friend Igor Korolev, who died in the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane crash.

For more great masks from Marsolais, visit the Sylabrush web site, or their Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter. In the meantime enjoy the bright, bold colors on these close ups of Khudobin’s latest mask:

Dobby Ducks1

Dobby Ducks2

Dobby Ducks3

Dobby Ducks4

Dobby Ducks5

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