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U.S. Olympic Goalie Vetter Has Real Gold in Mask

U.S. Olympic Goalie Vetter Has Real Gold in Mask
Jessie Vetter 2014 U.S. Olympic mask left side Jessie Vetter is planning to come home from the 2014 Sochi Olympics with a gold medal, but the No.1 goalie for the United States Women’s Olympic Team is also going to Russia with a head start in the gold mining department.That’s because Vetter, who backstopped the Americans to silver at the 2010 Vancouver Games, already has real gold in the paint job of her new Olympic mask.Created by artist Ron Slater of Slater Lettering and Graphics, Vetter’s new Vaughn Custom Pro’s Choice mask features the new USA Olympic logo with real 23 karat gold leaf embossing.

The new mask also features the Olympic rings on the chin, the Statue of Liberty on the forehead, and a fierce looking bald eagle screaming along the right side.

Add in shimmering metal flake on the red, white and blue stars throughout, and the preamble to the U.S. Constitution on the backplate, and it’s hard to argue with Slater’s assessment:

“Overall one of the most patriotic masks you will ever see,” he said.

You can find more of Slater’s work on his website, his Facebook page, or his Twitter feed. In the meantime, enjoy these close ups of Vetter’s new Olympic mask, real gold and all:

Jessie Vetter 2014 U.S. Olympic mask left side

Jessie Vetter 2014 U.S. Olympic mask backplate

Jessie Vetter 2014 U.S. Olympic mask right side

Jessie Vetter 2014 U.S. Olympic mask right side tight

Jessie Vetter 2014 U.S. Olympic mask front

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Kevin Woodley

Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.


  1. Tyler

    It’s an interesting design and layout, but the actual application and detail is rather subpar. The statue of liberty looks like an old, angry monkey, and the eagle looks like it has a lazy eye. Nice concept though, it just looks overly airbrushed to me.

    • Chris

      How can you tell a lazy eye from a still shot? And how can you make a comment on the Statue of Liberty part when it isn’t shown in its entirety in the pic? #judgemental

  2. DAMEN

    Why do all these masks show up unfinished without the cage. Looks amateur and unprofessional.

    • David Hutchison


      The images typically come from the painter. They are often sent only the shell to paint – it is then sent back to the manufacturer for finished assembly including cage and foam.

      • DAMEN

        Then should’t it be up to the manufacture to submit the photos? I’m sure they pay for the mask. In this case Vaughn. Looks bad

  3. Bona Hallikainen

    No third party reference or name, including the names, initials or nicknames of athletes or artists (unless a technical

    requirement), designation, trademark, logo, corporate design or colour scheme (including, but not limited

    to, those of sponsors, National Federations and International Federations and Clubs either NHL, KHL or any other National Leagues) or any other

    distinctive sign (whether direct or indirect, such as QR codes or barcodes) may appear on any Item. This restriction also extends to all messages, mottos and



    • Painted Olympic Rings logo is not permitted

    • Applied sticker with the Olympic Rings logo is not permitted

    • Painted Olympic Winter Games logo is not permitted

    • Applied sticker of the Olympic Winter Games logo is not permitted

    • Painted Olympic Winter Games Mascot is not permitted

    • Applied sticker of any Olympic Winter Games Mascot is not permitted

    • Brian L

      Ryan Miller had both the Olympic Rings and the logo on the chin of his mask in 2010. He had to cover up “Miller Time” on the backpiece. Tomas Vokoum had the Olympic Rings on the forehead of his mask in 2010. Several Team Canda masks had rings and the olympic logo on them in 2010.

    • Kevin Woodley

      hmm, wonder if rules may have changed since last Olympics then, since Ryan Miller had the Olympic rings on his chin at the Vancouver 2010 Games ( As for logo, this is not a USA Hockey logo, but rather matches what will be on their uniform, which is also bound by same “no federation logo” rules, so it should be fine. Guess only other issue is name on back, but artist says it was all approved.
      Hope so, great mask, but we’ve certainly seen IOC get overzealous before.

      • Brian L

        Could be new rules Kevin, by logo I was referring to the Olympic Logos, like Vancouver was a totempole I believe.

        • Kevin Woodley

          yeah my “logo” was in response to original form Bona, not yours, sorry … i think he meant the US logo … Miller did have to cover up “Miller Time” on the backplate as well, and had to fight not to cover the bulldog and Matt Man tribute to his cousin who passed away … lets hope common sense prevails here 😉

  4. Warren Shapiro

    What a beautiful mask it really covers the USA. From the Declaration of Independence, the American Eagle,Lady Liberty.Stars and Stripes. Nice touch on the rings of the Olympics. All I can say United States better bring home a medal. Everybody together now USA, USA, USA. See you guys at the Olympics.

  5. Brian L

    I think the eagle, backplate, and USA logo look great on this mask. The statue of Liberty looks a little rough but there are not any good angles of it. It looks rather dark. Overall very cool concept and design good luck to Jessie and the rest of the Woman’s USA Olympic Team!

  6. Kristen Nelson

    This mask is amazing. Jessie will be sure to look fierce with this on while representing the USA. I have to disagree with Tyler’s comment about the Statue of Liberty and the eagle, they look perfect. Can’t wait to see this mask on the ice.

  7. marcus

    Awesome helmet jesse.good luck and bring home the gold thus year!!!!


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