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Vasilevskiy Returns With New Lightning Mask

Vasilevskiy Returns With New Lightning Mask

Vasy2015_3Andrei Vasilevskiy returned to the Tampa Bay Lightning (and the NHL win column) Sunday after missing the start of the season recovering from surgery to remove a blood clot near his left collarbone. Thanks to painter Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush, he did both in style.

Vasilevskiy has a new Vaughn made by Pro’s Choice mask this season. Unlike his switch to CCM pads and gloves to start this season, the new mask is not a massive departure from the one it replaces, but there are some subtle differences, including lightning around his nickname, “Vasy” on the chin.

“He wanted something very similar to his last year mask but with a symmetrical design for the sides so we incorporated the palm trees, the ‘Bolts’ name and the Russian eagle on each side,” Marsolais said. “He also wanted to keep the lion fully charged of electricity on top of the mask.”

The backplate includes lightning in the shape of a ”V” for Vasilevskiy, some “Russian lucky charms” that appear to include what we assume are a four-leaf clover, safety pin, rabbit’s foot and an upside down horseshoe. On the sides of the lucky charms you can see his number 88 in Russian letters, while a closer look shows the lightning logos and a big Russian eagle emblem in blue reflective paint on the background of the backplate.


Vasilevskiy’s new mask was in action on Sunday afternoon as he made his first NHL start of the season in Carolina.

To see more of Marsolais’ work, visit her web site, or Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter. But only after you check out the rest of Vasilevskiy’s new mask below:


Vasy2015_3\ Vasy2015_2



Vasy teaser

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  1. Paul Ipolito

    Hope he got a better lion than Bernier did.

  2. Martin Sordo

    On the back I see a horse shoe, a clover, a safety pin, and what’s the last one? Then the 2 Cyrillic I I (inverted n’s) and 88?

    • Mat

      A rabbit’s foot.