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Vaughn Launches New GX1 Goal Skate on InGoal

Vaughn Launches New GX1 Goal Skate on InGoal

When InGoal Magazine first saw a prototype of a goalie skate in Mike Vaughn’s office two years ago, needless to say we were excited. Now, after a lot more testing and research to make sure they nailed it, we get to share that excitement with our readers as Vaughn Custom Sports launches the new GX1 Goalie Skate right here at InGoal, starting with a message from the President:

Introducing the first goalie skate from The Goalie Company

Mike Vaughn President of Vaughn Hockey - Custom Goaltending Equipment Makers

Mike Vaughn, President of Vaughn Hockey

“Ever wonder why goalies have some of the ugliest feet in every hockey locker room? Why so many calluses and a gnarly, misshaped toes? I wondered that too, and frankly I think it’s because goalie skates have never been made specifically enough for goalies. Most are little more player skates, re-packaged in a protective goaltender-specific cowling.

“So I set out to design and build a skate specifically for us goalies, because at Vaughn we understand a goaltender’s stance and stride is different from a skaters. We put the focus on fit and comfort, all designed ergonomically to match the unique bio-mechanical needs for the way all goaltenders stand and move, with the understanding those of us who stop pucks don’t get to take a break, sit on the bench between shifts and rest our feet. We goaltenders are on the ice from the drop of the to the final whistle.

“Now for the first time, Vaughn has built a skate designed to do just that as well, combining maximum comfort and performance built just for goalies. Introducing the Vaughn GX1 Goal Skate, a design more than two years in the making.

“Check out all the features, and then try a pair on for yourself this spring. We promise they will fit and feel like nothing you’ve worn before. That’s because nothing you’ve worn before was built just for goalies.”

~ Mike Vaughn, President of Vaughn Custom Sports


Vaughn Skates Forward Lean

At Vaughn, we understand that goalies don’t stand straight up.

We spend most of our time pitched forward, so why don’t our skates?

Why has the lace pattern always been cut straight up from bend in the ankle?

There’s a reason some goalies don’t even bother to use the top hole in their laces. It pulls the leg back, away from the natural crouch for a goalie.

The new Vaughn GX1 Goal Skate solves this problem by creating a patent-pending forward lean that becomes visually apparent when you look at the top two eyelets for the skate laces. We’ve matched the neutral lace and skate position to the natural stance of a goaltender, putting the foot and ankle in an anatomically correct position for quick, powerful pushes and movement.


Vaughn Skates boot comfort

Ever wonder why tightening the laces on your goalie skate feels like you are just pulling them tighter across the top of your foot, pinching in a way that ultimately contributes the lace bite? The Vaughn GX1 Goal Skate solves that problem with higher sides and recessed eyelets, so that when you pull the laces, you are tightening the entire skate around your foot, wrapping the pro-stitched, lightweight boot around the outside rather than just pinching it tight at the top.

Vaughn Skates boot top viewSo instead of pushing your foot down, the Vaughn GX1 design pulls the sides in, truly forming around the shape of your foot rather than trying to force your foot to conform to the shape of the skate.

The ankle and heel were built with the understanding that ankle bones are not symmetrical – just look at yours, it sticks out higher on the inside than the outside – and placed the ankle pockets for both in the correct spots, helping to lock in the foot even more and prevent the heel from lifting, which costs a goaltender both power and precision.

The toecap on the boot is wider for a superior fit that keeps the inner edge and toes from distorting, firmly setting the foot on the foot bed for increased control. Speaking of the removable foot bed, the Vaughn GX1 comes with one that is properly molded, with edges rising from the bottom and sides of the foot to match and support its shape, rather than flat flap of foam that comes with most skates.

Add in several other goalie-specific creature comforts, including a neoprene collar; a larger tongue that combines orthopedic felt with a high-density molded inner core to spread lace pressure; gel foam and HD lace bite pads; and you’ll quickly feel what separates the Vaughn GX1 from all others.


It starts with the bottom of the boot, which has a full carbon outsole, creating a rigid base that gives the boot strength and eliminates twisting or pulling away from the attached cowling, ensuring all the effort that goes into every push and stop is transferred completely to the ice without performance lag.

Vaughn Skates Carbon Outsole

Speaking of the cowling, in addition to a double-thick toecap for protection where it is needed most, it has several new goalie-specific performance features. The inside edge sidewall is higher than most for increased protection, but also includes cutouts on the inside edge that allow each goalie to dial in their own perfect blend of protection and weight, either by leaving the high protective wall intact, or by removing sections along one of two lines:

Vaughn Skates Cowling Cutouts

The back inside pillar is angled to match the angle of the bootstrap goalies run through it, reducing any twisting and increased wear on the strap. The gap for the toe tie is angled in a “V” shape so the laces don’t slip down, maintaining the optimum connection between the skate and the pad.

The skate blade itself is stainless steel, 4 millimeters in width, and anchored at three points, with the front two closer together in order to increase blade strength and reduce the flex that costs goalies power on their pushes.

The extra attachment point also helps prevent catastrophic blade attachment failures, while two small cutouts atop the blade help save weight, and there are plans to offer taller replacement blades to further increase attack angle.

The latter is already super aggressive thanks to the last – but certainly not least – new innovation in the Vaughn GX1 Goal Skate, a beveled inside edge on the cowling to support goalies that want an aggressive angle.

Vaughn Skates full inside with bevel edge

This new angled inner edge functions as a secondary stopping point, reduces slip outs and allows the goaltender to balance on a flat surface in a half butterfly, providing superior control for quicker body positioning.

Vaughn Skates bevel edge leaning

Vaughn Skates bevel edge tight

Like the rest of the Vaughn GX1 Goal Skate, it’s new and unique.

Like everything else at Vaughn, it’s just for goalies.

Look for the Vaughn GX1 at retailers  in 2014, and keep checking InGoal Magazine for more information and the first reviews of both the new skate and the new V6 line, which features several bold new directions for Vaughn.

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  1. Eric Lavigne

    Greetings and Happy New Year to all VAUGHN personel !!!
    I am really impressed witht the design and the look of the actual boot! I always had a hard time finding the right goalie skate, as my ankles are very different than other goalies! Hopefully, this skate could be “The One” for me. I always need to tape up my ankle for decent stability, but looking forward to give these beauties a try.

    Just one question: Is the “Inner Edge” from the actual cowling, more like an edge you can find on the Graf Skates? (almost a perfect 90º cut)
    Would really appreciate an answer!

    A VAUGHN user fan since 1998
    Moncton, NB, Canada

    • Kevin Woodley

      there is a “bevel” on that inner edge which creates a small flat surface roughly 45 degrees off the ice rather than a distinct or rounded edge

      • Eric Lavigne

        Thx Kevin… Really looking forward to check these out!

  2. John Alexander

    Perhaps one of the most innovative improvements to goaltending gear in the last decade.

    • Jacob Kummer

      these will definetely fix many problems with feet injuries and all and all make you a better goalie, even a rookie. This is a game changer just as much as bauers odin

  3. Chris Skeates

    Yeup, it’s official. I’m going full Vaughn for next season including these bad boys.

  4. GoalieTimmy33

    Impressive. I’d love to see a comparison of the attack angle of the new Vaughn cowling versus the current Bauer & Reebok offerings.

  5. Tommy Alisat

    I am really stoked at the features this skate has. Finally the complete need for comfort and performance. Congratulations Vaughn!!! Can’t wait to get my pair!!

  6. Cory H

    Haven’t bought a new pair of skates in years….. you make it very tempting to try these out!!

  7. Matt in Montreal


  8. JP in the Roc

    Outstanding! Its about time someone did this! I cant wait to check them out. My current skates are from the 90’s LOL!

  9. Aidan Comins


  10. Neil

    Will these be available in custom sizing, widths, stiffness, ect like what other manufactures offer? Maybe offer the option of a black cowling? Please say, “Yes.” to the all of the above.

  11. Bruce

    This skate looks fantastic, but at what cost? Not much use to the goaltending world if only the uber rich or Pros can afford such technology.

  12. Dan Glatt

    I would love to be one of those that get to test out these skates …

    • Skeatah33

      I second that!

  13. Colleen

    Need larger sizes beyond 12. My 13 year old is already wearing a size 12 skate and he is still growing!!

  14. Brandon

    How do they compare in weight to other goalie skates?

  15. Rogie

    The forward lean is not a good idea,IMO.
    I’ve been a goalie for almost 45 yrs,and I’ve never wanted a forward lean,….in fact,it was something I didn’t want,and made sure that blades weren’t being sharpened unevenly towards the toe of the blade,making me lean forward excessively.

    • Craig

      No offense, but if you have been a goalie for 45 years than the training you underwent to learn the position was —- and that is why you don’t want a forward lean. Goalie is a different position now and the way you were taught is completely ineffective in the modern game.

    • Larry Hay

      Rogie- I’m like you- played for 40+ years and never wanted that forward lean- better to stay light on your toes for extra leg speed!!

    • matt

      Been playing for about 15 years and still play high level mens league. I had the Bauer one100s that had an increased forward lean. Hated it. Felt robbed of control and power for pretty much all movements. Went to a pair of Reeboks that are more level with no forward pitch. MUCH more controlled and comfortable (though some of that is attributable to the shape of the boot actually fitting my foot better than the Bauer mold).

  16. Chip Dufrat

    Wow. It’s about time somebody did something. Too late for me but great for the generations to come.

  17. BC

    When will these be available? At what price? Where are the being manufactured?

    • BC


  18. Mark

    Does the boot come out of the skate or not?? Hopefully someone knows the answer to this question.

      • Mark

        Actually I was told today the boot does NOT come out because the boot /liner has the eyelets and laces as one. If the liner was on its own-just a boot and the eyelets were outside the liner-then it could come out to dry but that is not the case. Please comment on why you think the boot come be separated from the cowling.

  19. craig kokan

    How can i get a pair.??

    • Kevin Woodley

      at retail in the spring

  20. Chase Landa

    How do these skates compare to the Graf goaler pros (my current skates) ,the bauer pros and the bauer total one nxg’s when they reales them I’m thinking about stwotching over from grafs to vuaghn a or a buaer not sure witch one to go to though

    • Zac

      Trying to switch from graf to bauer is like learning a whole new foot langue. Depends on how accustom you are to a graf skate. Main differences is in the footbed and heel setting. Don’t buy a skate if you have any doubt. I tried and couldn’t make the switch. once you go graf you dont go back

    • Cedric

      I used to have a pair of Graf Goaler pro 750s, as my feet grew and I needed new skates I decided to switch to a cheeper pair of bauers (one60s). You will most likely get a blister or two during the “break in” period however afterwards they’ve been just fine. If you are on a budget depending on the model you are thinking of getting the bauers will do you well, however Graf has now released the 7500, 5500, 5035 and 4500 in which there has been a ton of changes from the older Goaler pros. The 7500s are on sale on goalie monkey for 354$ US compared to the comparable 599$. I don’t know much about the Vaughns however since it is they’re first skate there may be a little bit of trial and error with them so to be safe I would stick with Graf or Bauer.

  21. bryce

    They look solo cool but are they going to have removable blades?

  22. Ken

    What will these skates retail for?

  23. Soren

    My question is wether this cowling modification serves as an inner edge? Can one push off from it? OR is it just ground clearance?

  24. Zac

    Will the blades be compatible with step steal!?

  25. doru munteanu

    i want buy one pair boots without skate size 9 how much………? please call back my home phone 631-657-9240 sincerly thank u doru

    • David Hutchison

      doru, you’ll need to check with a retailer. We don’t sell them ourselves.