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New Vaughn Ventus Equipment Ready for Debut Review at InGoal

New Vaughn Ventus Equipment Ready for Debut Review at InGoal

Vaughn Ventus Goaltending GearThe new Vaughn Ventus arrived on the Internet late Tuesday night after months of secrecy and speculation with a photo of one leg pad.

Actually the entire new line from Vaughn, which features a true open-leg butterfly pad, has already been at the InGoal Magazine offices for several weeks.

It’s already been on the ice for weeks as well, undergoing testing with a handful of hand-picked goaltenders ranging from high-end men’s leagues to Junior A, gathering feedback on a pad that truly is a departure from the norm for designer Mike Vaughn.

Suffice it to say the differences go well beyond the flat-face, steeper boot-break angle, and new graphics that first jump out from the front views. And while you will have to wait for the December issue of InGoal Magazine for the world’s first review of the line, we can say the Ventus LT90 pad really is different from its predecessors right through to its core.

Vaughn Ventus Goalie GloveEven the glove and blocker, which will jump out to long-time Vaughn loyalists for their similarities to the 9500 Vision line on the surface, have been reworked and updated.

Again, InGoal will have the first look and all the fine details in the upcoming issue, combining the direct insights of designer and company founder Mike Vaughn with feedback from the testers that had the privilege of taking the gear out for a test spin before most in the goaltending world had any idea what it even looked like, let alone how it was designed to perform.

There will also be a contest providing an InGoal reader with the chance to be the first to own a Vaughn Ventus set of their own.

For now enjoy, though, some more sneak-peak photos of the new line, both on the ice and in the studios of InGoal:


Vaughn Ventus Goalie Glove

Vaughn Ventus Goaltending Gear

Vaughn Ventus Goalie Glove


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  1. Mickey

    I noticed Schnieder was wearing a ventus this summer however it looked more like a reebok clone then a 9500. is that an option or his own custom spec due to him trying to find one company to be under and his use of reebok premier gloves in the past?

  2. paul szabo

    Can someone explain what is the difference between this and the Vision? Is the Vision now a thing of the past?

    • JOEL


  3. Glen

    Can we expect a video review like the Rituals?

  4. Steve

    Nice looking Reebok pads that Vaughn is making.

  5. Jason

    You folks spouting about how this is a reebok pad that Vaughn copied, you do realize that at some point it will become impossible to crest a completely original pad set right? And you don’t know how the pad even works yet. All you’ve got to go on is a few pictures. STFU!!!

  6. Allan

    Well the Larceny line was a copy of the Velocity, so let’s call it even then. These look so clunky and 2006ish compared to Rituals. They really remind me of the PS1 from reebok, so I see where peoplpe are drawing the similarities. I’m sure they’ll still be a great pad coming from Vaughan, despite the looks. It could just be that funky silvery material too, havn’t seen that used in a couple years.