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Warrior Ritual Customizer Live (+ G2 Video Preview)

Warrior Ritual Customizer Live (+ G2 Video Preview)
Pete Smith Ritual Video

Warrior Head of Design Pete Smith goes over the new Ritual G2 pad.

InGoal Magazine was the first to bring goalies an in-depth look at Warrior’s innovative new Ritual G2 pads and gloves.

Now we’re giving goalies a sneak peak of a new video from the design team that developed the new line (below), and announcing that the new Ritual G2 Customizer is up and running. You can check out the customizer here.

In addition to the limitless variations you can create in the Ritual G2 Custom, there are also customizers for the two other looks that will be available in the new line: the Custom Classic with more of a retro look, and the Custom Euro, which combines a customizable outer roll and side panels with a white face, something that was inspired by the need to leave the front blank so European pro teams could ad advertising.

Speaking of inspiration, the new video below features Warrior goalie’s Head of Design Pete Smith and his montreal-based team going over the numerous new features of the incredibly light pad – each one weighs just over four pounds – and includes on-ice demonstrations that show how well the unique, incredibly large knee stack design seals the ice.

Be sure to check it out below, and look for a video review of the gloves, which feature removable palms, here at soon. And if you have any questions about the new Ritual G2, chances are it was answered in our 28-page Special Edition review.



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  1. Joe

    I think I’m in love. when does it come out?

  2. Jacob Robinson

    When do these bad boys come out. I want a pair so bad.

  3. Matt Huertas

    So jealous of my buddy who already ordered a set of these and can’t wait for him to get them to hear how they are first-hand.

    • Curtis Amado

      Someone in Orlando…?

  4. AJ

    Why doesn’t the customiser work for us down in NZ?

  5. chris sander

    Unbelievable! I didn’t think Warrior would be able to top the last Ritual updates, but they did. These look awesome. When do these hit the market? Also, their new designs with the glove and blocker are just as amazing.

  6. Greg B

    I’d consider myself pretty traditional, but by the looks of it these guys are building a better mousetrap. Between the innovations and the 3 custom looks, Warrior is making it hard to not at least give this set a try.

  7. lucas

    when does this come out or if it is out where can i get it in mississauga like pro hockey life or something like that in mississagua pls answer back thank you

  8. lucas

    where can i get this goalie pad i really want it

  9. jake

    how tall is the goalie in this video
    and what size pads did he have on