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Win Vaughn Endorsement Deal from Gold in the Net

Win Vaughn Endorsement Deal from Gold in the Net

Win a Gold in the Net / Vaughn Endorsement ContractGold in the Net goalie schools and Vaughn have put together one of the most creative promotions we’ve seen here at InGoal – they’re selecting five goalies from all the people who attend one of their schools – and sign up for another one next year – to earn a full endorsement contract, just like an NHL goaltender.

The odds of earning the contract have to be very good for this one – and the prize is substantial. The selected goalies will be outfitted with a full set of Vaughn gear – not just pads and gloves – earn free private lessons at the Gold in the Net practice facility nearest to you and much, much more. (Click on the poster to the left for details or head over to Gold in the Net’s Facebook page for more information.

The criteria Gold in the Net have established for the selection process are as follows:
  • Go and like the Facebook pages of Vaughn, InGoal Magazine, GITN Corporate and the GITN franchise you have signed up for your 2013 summer camp. (Thanks GITN for throwing some Facebook love our way!)
  • You must be registered in a 2013 GITN summer program.
  • And you must be pre-registered (before Sept. 1/2013) for a 2014 GITN summer camp as the lucky five will be representing Vaughn and GITN during the 2013-2014 hockey season.
  • The selection date will be September 1, 2013 and will be released on Facebook sites of Vaughn and GITN.

So  go and sign up for a Gold in the Net camp today and get in on the action right away!

We wanted to make it a bit easier for our readers to get in on the action, so if you want to get started right away, you can use these links to like all the Facebook pages for Gold in the Net’s promotion.

Facebook Links:

– Vaughn

– InGoal Magazine

– Gold in the Net

– Gold in the Net – Alberta

– Gold in the Net – BC

– Gold in the Net – Man. / Sask

– Gold in the Net – Ontario

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  1. Jesse

    Sorry for nitpicking, but just making sure here: “they’re selecting FIVE goalies from all the people who attend one of their schools…” and “as the lucky FOUR will be representing Vaughn and GITN…”. Should read five in both, right?

    • David Hutchison

      Yes, sorry about that and thanks for the comment – it’s now fixed!