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And The Winner Of Our CCM Premier Contest Is …

CCM Contest Winner

CCM contest winner Jack Howie will be upgrading from his current Reebok XLT set up to the new Premier line after winning the contest put on by InGoal Magazine, CCM Goalie and The Hockey Shop. (Photo courtesy of Mike Howie).

InGoal Magazine, CCM Goalie and The Hockey Shop are pleased to announce the winner of a custom set of the new CCM Premier pads, glove and blocker is … Mike Howie of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.

Actually, Mike entered on behalf of his 12-year-old son, Jack, so he’s the real winner thanks to a dedicated goalie parent.

Jack, who plays Pee Wee A in Cole Harbour (yes, that is the home town of Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby, another CCM athlete, and there is even a photo of them together below), gets to order a custom set of the new Premier line. But don’t be surprised if he goes with a simple white design when the staff at The Hockey Shop help him place his order and make sure the long list of custom options offered by CCM perfectly suit his style of play.

It’s not that Jack is a slave to the “white looks bigger trend,” however.

“I like to see the puck marks,” explained Jack.

CCM Premier Stick InGoal Magazine-1-2The new CCM Premier pads are lighter, with a thinner profile to aid mobility, and have been designed using scientific research to get to the ice quicker, so it should be easier to get lots of puck marks on them.

In addition to the above-linked previews, InGoal has a complete review coming in the next edition of the digital magazine next week. In the meantime, you can design your own on the CCM Premier customizer, and check out the best pricing and ordering options from our friends at The Hockey Shop.

The new @CCMGoalie Instagram account also announced a winner for our last bonus: Congratulations to Alberta’s Ashton Billesberger on winning one of the new CCM Premier Plus sticks, which was unveiled in stores on Friday.

InGoal has been testing the new stick for months, and in addition to being lightweight and providing enough feel that Roberto Luongo switched to composite after a career playing with foam core, the Premier Plus is proving incredibly durable, and is still going strong after more than 50 sessions.

The CCM Premier Plus is a completely redesigned for 2016, and if the technology behind it isn’t enough to convince goalies to give it a go, there are a couple of NHL goalies that might be able change your mind.

Roberto Luongo tried a composite stick late last season because he needed a lighter stick while recovering from a fracture his right shoulder, and after a career using foam core he switched to the CCM Premier Plus full time this summer. Corey Crawford also used the new CCM Premier Plus this season.

“It gives me a better range of motion with my blocker,” Luongo said.

So what’s new? Developed using the best of CCM’s player sticks, the Premier Plus has been engineered to combined the lightweight properties of a composite stick with the feel goalies expect from a more traditional foam core model. They combined an Exofibe Weave with a new “ZeroFlux” technology to diminish vibrations, added a new, strategically place StikTak Grip, and stiffened the blade to improve control.

Look for a full review in a future edition, and be sure to check out the new, lower price point of the new Premier Plus through our friends at The Hockey Shop.

CCM Contest winner Jack Howie with Sidney Crosby at a camp in their shared home town of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia last summer.

CCM Contest winner Jack Howie with Sidney Crosby at a camp in their shared home town of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia last summer.

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  1. Scott and aidan

    Congratulations Jack! Great kid and awesome goalie with a huge passion for goaltending. Very deserving of this prize.