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Winnipeg Jets’ Goalie Mark Dekanich Shares Game-Day Routine

Winnipeg Jets’ Goalie Mark Dekanich Shares Game-Day Routine
Mark Dekanich Winnipeg Jets Goaltender

Mark Dekanich’s game day routine includes wrist shots from the blue line, which can help build confidence and puck tracking focus. (Kevin Woodley photo)

Mark Dekanich knows the difference between superstition and routine.

The Winnipeg Jets-contracted goaltender also knows how important the latter is on a game day.

“Routines can be a good thing for goaltenders.Having one does not mean you are superstitious, or OCD or anything like that,” Dekanich wrote in the latest edition of InGoal Magazine.

“It’s just about having something in place to set your mind to be prepared for what is about to happen. It’s all part of mental training for a goaltender. Routine has helped me with that because it keeps my mind in the same place, at the same time before a game, every game, and that’s a big part of consistency.”

For Dekanich is starts at morning skate, where his routine includes finishing up the on-ice portion with wrist shots from the blue line.

“Just so I can stop every single one, follow every single puck, control every rebound,” Dekanich, a former AHL All Star currently playing with the St John’s Ice Caps. “I can stop every shot, so it builds confidence, it reinforces seeing the puck all the way into my body every single time, and was just one of the things I do every single morning skate.”

As Dekanich outlined in the magazine article, his routine continues after an afternoon nap, and in the hours leading up the game includes everything from throwing a ball off the wall, to skipping rope.

Read the entire article in the latest edition of InGoal Magazine for more details on the importance of routine – right down to a having a consistent time for putting on the gear – and be sure to check out the recent Ask a Pro with Dekanich about his long road back from a serious ankle injury, including advice on when to choose surgery and how to handle a lengthy rehab, as well as a more in-depth feature article on his incredibly trying year, and the path back to an NHL contract in the magazine.

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