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Shots on Goal: Goalie Mask Photos – Portland Pirates J.P. Lamoureux

Tonight’s feature mask is J.P. Lamoureux’s of the Portland Pirates, and it’s one of the most unique masks I’ve ever seen. Having no medical background myself, I’m not sure if it’s a brain or an intestine..  I’ve had different opinions from some of our staff so I’ll ask our readers, what is your opinion, intestine or brain? 

(Click on  J.P. Lamoureux to view more shots of his mask.)

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  1. David Hutchison

    I think it’s a fantastic idea! I hope it’s brain.

  2. Efe

    Unfortunately its intestines. The brains channels aren’t that well rounded.

  3. Dennis Pause

    No way…it’s a brain…why would someone have intestines on their head? It where the brain is.

  4. KP

    its actually a brain, and the inspirations for the mask were the movies ‘The Hills have Eyes’ and ‘Jennifer’s Body’. Darren Drummer from Dark Side Tattoo Shop in East Grand Forks,MN designed and painted it

  5. chuck U

    Thanks for the story KP. All us nutty alaska fans were wondering about it. Darren did great work on the mask and it is wild and so cool

  6. artandhockey

    BRAIN, how clever!

  7. Ben J

    Thats a sick mask. I love it.

  8. hockey girl

    who knows what paint you use to paint a helmet???

  9. hockey pro

    why would there be brain on his chin ????