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Are those plyometrics making you a quicker goalie? Part One

Are those plyometrics making you a quicker goalie?  Part One

Check out part II of this article – Plyometrics can make you slower

Goalie Jonathan Quick

King's Goalie Jonathan Quick has some of the fastest feet in the game. Photo by Scott Slingsby

I have said it before, but it bears repeating – if you were building your dream home would you be happy if the contractor showed up on the first day and started putting up drywall and wallpaper and then wanted to talk about where to put the speakers for the home theatre system?

Probably not, you would want to see a crew in there digging a good foundation and pouring some solid footings. Dryland training for goalies is the same but, like building a house, we get excited to get to the finished product. With training you can skip steps and jump right to the high end stuff. I said you “can”, I did not say you should. In fact, just like constructing a new home – skipping steps in your training will lead to injury. Today I want to talk about plyometrics and where they fit in the training hierarchy because they are a great training tool that gets abused and misused all too often.

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Here is where plyometrics fit into the training hierarchy:

  • Flexibility
  • Stability
  • Strength – plyometrics can be introduced here as a way to learn technique
  • Stamina – the volume will increase a little bit here to set up for the higher intensity speed training
  • Speed – this is where ploys shine.

Now these phases are not cut and dry, but I want you to have any appreciation for the general flow. Just like building the house, you can have the electrician working at the same time as the plumber, but you cannot have the drywaller finish up before the electrician gets in there. So if you do not have flexibility, stability or strength, do not even think about using plyometrics to improve your speed and quickness. You will only steer yourself down a path toward injury. Sitting on the bench for a few weeks is a sure way to kill your speed! In part two of this post we will talk about the number one way some coaches misuse plyometrics to actually make you slower.

See part II of this article – Plyometrics can make you slower

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