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Goalie Fitness: The Dynamic Warmup

This is a guest post by Maria Mountain, MSc. of Revolution Conditioning.

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You may warm up, but does your warm-up work?

Think of your pre-game warm-up. Walk through it in your head right now. Why do you warm up like that? Is there a purpose for each movement or do you use that warm up because it is the same one you used when you played pee wee. You probably learned it from your pee wee coach who used that warm up when he was a pee wee. Your pre-game goalie warm up is probably 40 years old. Would you wear 40 year old goalie equipment because it used to work for your pee wee coach? No way, because things change.

Some of you might be thinking – warm up? What’s a warm up? Putting on your goalie equipment does not count as a warm-up! Skating three laps of the ice and then having slapshots fired at your head does not count as a warm-up. Think about how you spend most of your time on the ice. You spend your time flexing and extending your hips, lengthening and shortening the muscles of your hips and groins, rotating, stopping and starting, changing direction and reaching for saves. With your current warm-up which elements there are helping you perform these tasks?

What if there was a way you could get your legs, hips, torso and upper body ready to perform explosively right from the second the puck drops? It is easy to do and will only take about 10-15 minutes. Don’t worry about looking a little different from your teammates, once they see how you play and how you seem to get injured way less than anyone else, chances are they will start copying you. You see, you don’t want to blend in with the team; you want to innovate and look for ways to stand out as an athlete. Hey, goalies are supposed to be ‘weird’ anyway right?

If you are not completing a dynamic warm up, you are losing at least 10-minutes of peak performance on the ice. Can you really afford to take the first half of the first period getting warmed up?

Your dynamic warm-up should be performed at a steady pace and leave you sweating lightly. Include exercises like the:

  • Walking quad stretch
  • Walking knee hug
  • Lunge walks
  • Lunge walks with rotation
  • Lateral steps
  • Lateral hops

You can see a sample dynamic warm up here:

I am trying to go through the exercises a little slowly to show the technique, but some of them look a little robotic – not the idea! Flow steadily through them. Add in a little hand-eye reaction juggling and you are set to go!

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  1. Simon

    I liked this article! As a beer league goalie, personal trainers are not in mhy budget. The video game me a new way to warmup that should help my aging body cope with the stress of playing. thank you for the advice.

  2. Mikey D.

    I love this!!! This is exactly what I need…a way to warm up and stretch off the ice without the use of any kind of equipment. I have suffered two bad groin injuries because of a lack of proper stretching and warm up. Anyone who plays in the beer leagues knows that it is, zam, 3 minutes running clock before the game and then puck drop. Hardly enough time to properly warm up and prevent injury. This article and accompanying video will help tremendously. Thanks!!!