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Revolution Conditioning Training Tips: Better Butterfly Slide

Revolution Conditioning Training Tips: Better Butterfly Slide

Three Exercises that Improve a Goalie’s Butterfly Slide

Regular InGoal Columnist Maria Mountain is an expert trainer of hockey players, including Stanley Cup Champions. Learn more about working with her at

Luongo Butterfly Slide

Roberto Luongo uses a powerful butterfly slide to follow the puck cross-ice

This one is a video post showing you are few simple exercises that you can do at home with minimal equipment to improve your butterfly slide, or backside recovery pushes (of course those typically also involve a rotation before pushing – but remember I am not a technique coach, just a goalie strength and conditioning coach).

I came up with this routine for one of the adult goalies I train online. Every summer he attends some of the top goalie camps in the country and completes the elite programs. This started because the summer before he began training with me he found he was bringing up the rear of the group when they did butterfly crawls from the goal line to centre ice. He is a very fit guy and pretty competitive too, so he was not happy with this result.

The year I started working with him, he was headed to Steve McKichan’s Future Pro goalie camp and wanted to be toward the front of the pack.

To have a good butterfly crawl from a movement perspective you need:

  • Sufficient flexibility in the hips (particularly hip internal rotation and abduction).
  • Sufficient strength in the lateral hip muscles.
  • Sufficient stability through the core and the stabilizing hip.

These three butterfly crawl drills help you address the strength and stability. If you are lacking in flexibility, then you better start spending some more time on the stretches that have been covered here in other articles. As always, if you are unfamiliar with these techniques please take your time to practice the proper movement pattern, go slowly and keep the volume low.

You will only do two sets of 8-12 repetitions for each exercise. Adding this to your current training routine 1-2 times per week will be a good start.

And just in case you were wondering…the next summer my client was at the front of the pack on this drill and hardly even felt like he was working. They work!

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Maria Mountain M.Sc.

Hockey strength and conditioning coach Maria Mountain, MSc specializes in off-ice training for hockey goalies. As the founder of and the owner of Revolution Sport Conditioning in London, Ontario, Maria has trained Olympic Gold medalists, a Stanley Cup Champ and athletes from MLB, NHL, AHL, CHL, CIS and more. Try Maria's Goalie Stretch Solution today.