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Canadiens Fucale Adds Color Change To Ice Age Mask

fucs6Montreal Canadiens prospect Zach Fucale stuck with the Ice Age theme for his new mask, and normally the including of Scrat, the prehistoric cartoon squirrel chasing a nut from the animated Ice Age kids movies, would be the headline maker for this mask.

Not this time, however. Painter Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush added a bold new layer to Fucale’s new mask by using her color-changing SubZero paint FX on the Ice Caps logo on both sides.

Marsolais created a lot of buzz when the color-change debuted on the mask of Boston Bruins backup Anton Khudobin earlier in the week, but her use of the effect on Facale’s new mask may be the best yet, especially if the team name gets darker and bolder as each period goes on. In theory it should start out faded as Fucale comes out of the warm locker room and darken in the cold air of the rink, especially if he adds some ice cold water bottle splashes as the period goes on.

You can see the full effect in this video from Marsolais:

“Zach wanted something similar to his last year mask so his new paint job is a kind of continuation of his last St-John’s IceCaps mask;  Ice Age part 2,” Marsolais said. “We wanted to created a freezing looking mask for Zach, to represent the IceCaps and Ice Age. To achieve that we put some icicles on some graphic elements and we did the IceCaps logo like if it was made of ice, and to add more freezing effect, we added some SubZero paint FX.  So when Zach will go on the ice, or get some cold water on the mask, the white color of the logo will turn blue, to represent a more icy effect.”

As popular as the new color-change effect has become – and Marsolais has received several new requests for it since Khudobin’s mask debuted – there’s a lot more to Facade’s new mask.

“When you think about an Ice Age movie theme you can’t do it without, Scrat, the famous squirrel running after his nut,” Marsolais said with a chuckle. “This time we putted him more discretely on the mask, but he’s still there and he’s still running, and behind him some important monuments to represent St-John’s Newfoundland. The Cabot tower is on the right side and on the left side it’s the Cape Spear light.”

The chin features Facade’s name, but with the old Canadiens logo used for the “CA” part of it, and the backplate includes a big Habs logo with slogans from his junior years in Halifax, including “Win the Day” and “Create the Edge.”  There other letters to represent Fucale’s family members.

For more of Marsolais’ work visit the Sylabrush web site, or her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter, but for now enjoy the close ups of Facade’s new mask she shared with InGoal:



fucs4 fucs3







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