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Goalie Yoga Designed Specifically for Reverse VH

Goalie Yoga Designed Specifically for Reverse VH

Marc-André FleuryThe Reverse, or Reverse-VH as some call it, has exploded onto the scene as goalie coaches throughout the world started teaching it over the past couple of summers.

Made popular by Jonathan Quick during his first Stanley Cup run with the Los Angeles Kings in 2012 and since implemented by stars like Sergei Bobrovsky during his Vezina Trophy winning 2012-13 season with the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Reverse has clear benefits beyond the traditional VH position, or one-pad down.

After practicing it over the summer, former Ohio State standout goalie Chelsea Knapp found she was was able to seal the ice far better and stay more balanced when facing a net front drive. But Knapp and her brother Connor, a Buffalo Sabres draft pick, also discovered this new save tool came with a downside: It is not easy on the body.

“As goaltenders we are always forcing our bodies into awkward positions and even as the most flexible person on my team I couldn’t help but to wince slightly when doing the Reverse. It puts a lot of stress on the hip and knee—two of the most commonly injured areas for goaltenders—of the leg that is sealed to the ice, especially if you are trying to seal with that skate on the post.”

Chelsea wrote about her experiences with Reverse in the September edition of InGoal Magazine, including the Reverse-specific yoga solution she found from Kim Johnson, the founder of Namaste Yoga – The Athlete’s Yoga, for some insights into how to increase mobility and flexibility in the hips and knees for goaltenders. You can read all about it – and see the yoga video by clicking here or on the photo below:

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  1. R. Dimino

    Can we get a link to download the video please? I would like to save it & play it full screen while giving these stretches a try without struggling to see the little screen (even when zoomed). My hips will thank you 🙂

  2. David

    Where can I buy this on dvd.

  3. flashands1

    Very cool! I’m in absolute favor of yoga for hockey players – especially for goalies. There are so many benefits that come with hockey yoga (increased flexibility, focus, regenerative capacity an so on, here are some valuable Infos on that: Practicing yoga should be far more popular among goalies and hockey players, i think.


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