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Goaltender-Specific Skating Series: Drill 6 of 20

Goaltender-Specific Skating Series: Drill 6 of 20

Hertz Drill 6 diagramThe “U” pattern is a well-known classic crease movement.

The goaltender may begin at the post or corner of the crease and, upon command, begins a sequence of three long shuffles to create the shape of the letter “U.”

Proper goalpost integration technique should be executed prior to pushing off towards the edges of the crease.

Performing the sequence two to three times is sufficient.

Remember to turn the head prior to shuffling from post to post, and lead slightly with the blade of the stick .

It’s important to note that, despite repeatedly remarking on technical elements of drills, the end goal is not to create goaltenders executing very rigid movements in sequence (i.e., the “robotic” goalie).

This is therefore a transitional drill mimicking puck movement within the zone with the goaltender not stopping robotically at either goal post for more than a fraction of a second.

During competition, the goalie focuses on the puck and not on technical elements. Technique is refined over years of training to ultimately be executed without conscious thought.

This is a good drill, but is not meant for true beginners due to the power requirements involved.

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Tomas Hertz, MD BA

Tomas Hertz has been a contributing author to InGoal Magazine since 2010. He operated  "No Holes, No Goals Goaltending" in Kingston, Ontario for a decade and worked with developing goalies in the G.K.M.H.A. and K.A.M.H.A. He remains active as a timekeeper in the O.M.H.A. - O.W.H.A., the O.J.H.L. (Kingston Voyageurs), and the O.U.A.A. (R.M.C. Palladins). 

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  1. Ian Wotherspoon Phoenix

    That is very similer to one of the “Crease Drills” I taught my goalies to do. The only thing I see that this goalie needs to do is to work on having his stick leading so his stick is at the post before he is to stop the elusive “wrap around.” The goalie stays in his “Ready Position” with his stick on the ice throughout the drill which is great. Godd drill, good demo; except for what I already mentioned.