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New Vaughn GX1 Pro Goalie Skate Is Now Available

New Vaughn GX1 Pro Goalie Skate Is Now Available

Vaughn Skates Forward LeanInGoal Magazine rang in the New Year by introducing the first goalie skate from Vaughn Custom Sports.

Now goaltenders everywhere can join in the celebration.

The Vaughn GX1 Pro Goalie Skate is now available at Total Goalie, and given all the questions about price point when it first debuted here at InGoal, the $449.99 price tag for a pro-level skate is bound to build on the buzz that started with some of its unique new features.

That list of innovations was headlined by what Mike Vaughn has labeled “forward lean,” or a natural forward pitch at the top of the lace pattern that was designed to match the crouch of a goaltender.

Vaughn Skates bevel edge leaningOther new developments include a “wrap-around fit” to hold the foot more comfortably into the boot by wrapping around, rather than pushing down, on it; a wider toe area; a rigid full-carbon base to eliminate and twisting that can eliminate the transfer of power from the foot to cowling – and ultimately to the blade on the ice; a higher inside sidewall with cutouts designed to allow goalies to choose their own balance between extra protection and weight savings; and perhaps most exciting, a flat, beveled inside edge to allow goalies to hold a more aggressive attack angle.

You can see more details, including the angled and reinforced skate blade, in the Total Goalie video highlighting all the features of Vaughn’s new GX1 Pro Goalie Skate:

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