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Goalie-Specific Sports Vision Video Trains ‘Biggest Muscle’

Goalie-Specific Sports Vision Video Trains ‘Biggest Muscle’

When it comes to the kind of position-specific training that separates the top goaltenders in the world from the rest, the focus is often on off-ice conditioning for the body and on-ice technique with a goaltending coach.

Not enough time (or focus, if you’ll pardon the pun), is given to training the eyes of young goaltenders. If you ask Washington Capitals No.1 and Vezina Trophy favourite Braden Holtby, it should be.

“Your biggest muscle as a goalie is your eyes,” Holtby told InGoal for the cover story of the latest digital magazine. “I do a lot of visual training in my pre-game routine to warm up my eyes and keep them sharp. If you’re not seeing it, nothing else matters. Your eyes are the basis of your whole game.”

You can read the entire article by clicking here, but Holtby’s point is clear. So much of his routine that people seem and read about – from the pre-game bouncing of balls off the wall while down in the butterfly, to spraying water in the air and focusing on one drop – is about training and maintaining those eye muscles.

It’s a philosophy shared by countless other goaltenders in the NHL, most of whom can be found warning up their eyes and, perhaps more specifically, their eye-hand coordination, with a series of juggling or bouncing balls off the wall in the hallway outside their locker room before each game. There aren’t random acts. These goaltenders have been trained to do these drills to achieve specific goals, much the same way goalies like Carey Price and Henrik Lundqvist use specific movement patterns to warm up for each game and practice.

But what about the rest of us? How do young goalies learn to train their eyes?

With that in mind, InGoal Magazine has teamed up with Josh Tucker from Envision Sports for a special offer to help goalies all over the world learn the same tricks used in the NHL. Tucker, who is also cited and praised in the article for his work with Boston Bruins prospect Zane MacIntyre, Tampa Bay Lighting prospect Adam Wilcox and ECHL Goalie of the Year Josh Robinson, outlined a vision drill linked to reverse-VH and shared a video demonstration of it on page 83 of the new edition of the magazine.

It is just one of more than 50 sports vision drills designed specifically for goaltenders that can be found in his new video from Envision Sports, and InGoal readers can get it at an exclusive discount.

Regularly priced at $59.99, the first 200 orders using the promo code “ingoal” will get the video for just $39.99. That’s a $20 discount, or 33% off, but there aren’t many left at this rate. Actually there aren’t any left at the original offer. It has expired. Thankfully for goaltenders that still want to improve their eye-hand co-ordination, Envision Sports and InGoal have teamed up for an extended – and still exclusive – offer: Use the promo code “ingoal” and you can now get the video for $44.99, a savings of $15, or 25% off.

So check out the preview video below, and then click here to buy (and don’t forget to enter the “ingoal” promo code). Goalies will spend thousands of dollars a year in equipment, and sometimes tens of thousands on on-ice training, so why wouldn’t you spend $40 to train the muscles that will allow you to actually see the puck better?

Envision Sports Goalie Drills Video from Envision Sports Vision Training on Vimeo.

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  1. amber jones

    My son plays goalie for the Milwaukee Jr. Ads 2004 AAA team. He lost his eye at a year old due to a tragic accident. with that being said, i wonder if his vision is any different than goalies with two eyes. i would love for him to get tested and compared to two eyed goalies. His dream to play in the NHL just like any other young hockey player but i wonder as a parent what is the likely hood of him making it in the hockey world with only one eye! great read for my boy! thank you


      Amber, please give me a call some time. I’d love to talk with you about your son. Josh Tucker (owner – Envision Sports) You’ll find my number on our website.

      • Dave dobryden

        Can I get a new copy of the goalie training video?