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Progressive Repetition Great Way To Learn New Skills

Progressive Repetition Great Way To Learn New Skills

Dan Ellis demonstrates the importance of Progressive Repetition in a video sequence with Corey Wogtech.

With goalie at every level busy preparing for next season in summer camps and private lessons, now is the perfect time to revisit the InGoal Magazine archives to look at the importance of Progressive Repetition, something coach Corey Wogtech of W Goaltending wrote about and demonstrated with a video from NHL goalie Dan Ellis.

When it comes to warming up for practice, a lot of goaltenders take an approach similar to what they might do before a game or practice, often picking a spot along the boards and performing a series of movement patterns in an imaginary crease.

There’s nothing wrong with that. A lot of NHL goalies use a similar approach to get ready before games. But as goalie coach Wogtech pointed out in the October 2012 issue of InGoal Magazine, it makes a lot more sense before a practice or goalie-specific training session to use movements specific to that day’s lessons.

It’s all part of Wogtech’s article on Progressive Repetition, or gradually building up to a skill in a short period of time by maximizing reps without doing the exact same thing over and over. Used properly, Progressive Repetition creates comfort and muscle memory in stages by spreading things out over three or four drills.

Wogtech lays it all out in the InGoal article over six stages, starting with warm ups and progressing through to game-situation simulations. Even better, the former NCAA goaltending coach provides drills and a video example of Progressive Repetition at work, featuring regular client and long-time NHL goaltender Dan Ellis.

You can read the entire article and watch the Dan Ellis video in the October 2012 edition of InGoal Magazine, or by clicking on the screen shot image of the article below. And be sure to check out W Goaltending’s website as well as their three-part DVD series, with innovative 3-D graphics, game footage, split-screen examples, correct and incorrect boxes, as well as multiple camera angles.

Wogtech Drill JPEG

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  1. Paul Ipolito

    It is well-worth the time to re-read and study this article. Cory is an outstanding coach and instructor. His DVD set is an excellent addition to any goaltender’s library.

  2. Guillaume Charron

    The link does’nt work. I click on the link to see the article on Dan Ellis and… error 404.