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Saves of the Week

Which is your favorite and why? Hit the comments below and let us know! Did they miss any?

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  1. Ryan

    I gotta say Brodeur has the best save…pulling a James Brown across the crease and then having the presence to turn his head to let the puck roll past is amazing!

  2. Littlefield

    Agreed, Brodeur’s was definitely the best. I actually wasn’t terribly impressed by any of the others.

  3. CJ D'Alimonte

    Personally, Marty’s was the second best. Kipper’s was unreal. Both goalies got shutouts in those games just to point out. All of them were great saves but my choice goes to Kipper.

  4. Sean Salway

    i gotta say that Crawford, had the best save of the week.
    just because of how he got over to the other side of the net at just the right time to make the save he needed to make. Great desperation save.

  5. Fredo

    Kipper had the best one, Brodeour is done.