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Saves of the Year

Saves of the Year
Tim THomas Diving Save

The most acrobatic goalie in the league didn't make the top ten saves of the year - see who did. Photo by Scott Slingsby. has released their top 10 saves of the year – and two weren’t even made by goalies. Have a look and see what you think – did they get the rankings correct? Is the well-placed loss of a stick a great save? Which saves didn’t make the list that you thought should have?

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  1. Jonathan

    They do have some of the better saves of the year in here, but some of these seem like jokes and they should have let other great saves be put in the reel. For example, number 9 is a shot that Jonathan Quick says he thought was going in after it glanced his blocker. He didn’t “make the save” and he basically says that, but the puck makes a weird bounce. Also, dropping your stick and having the puck accidently is NOT a great save. Granted, it deserves to be in some kind of highlight reel for its novelty, but let an athletic jawdropping drop get a spot instead.

    • Budlover1967

      I agree with you 100%…those 2 weren’t even “saves”…just lucky accidents.

  2. Matt in Montreal

    Good list. Hadn’t seen that Howard save b4.

    Woulda switched the Conklin with the Habby save, tho.

    Conklin’s (out of the Top 5) looked like the easiest.

  3. nick in laval

    Careys and rolosons should have been the top two.

  4. Jeff

    The Quick one did actually hit his blocker before twisting if you watch it in super slow motion, but the Rinne “stick save” is not worthy…it’s not a save. It’s cool and entertaining and a “wow” moment, but not a save. It’s equivalent to the greatest 2 on 1 you’ve ever seen develop, last second pass across the goalmouth, goalie gets over via the splits, and they hit the post. Not a save. I vote for Price.

  5. Old Swiss

    How about almost none of them? I see a lot of goalies out of position, making poor pre shot choices, getting lucky or having shooters shoot right into them.

    I DID see a lot of saves nitwit announcers called great because they don’t know crap about goaltending.

  6. Joe D.

    Jim Hughson doesn’t know an expletive about goaltending. I do like Roli’s though. Sick. Carey’s wasn’t too bad, either. I’m a goalie myself, and Rinne’s wasn’t a save, it was pure luck. It did hit his stick, but it’s still not a save. Hillers also looked rather easy.

  7. Luke

    In the picture above..the caption reads..”The most acrobatic goalie in the league didn’t make the top ten saves of the year – see who did. Photo by Scott Slingsby.” If you are refering to Tim Thomas.. that picture is actually of Tuukka Rask 🙂

  8. Luke

    nevermind, I saw Tim Thomas make the top 10

  9. Jimbo

    Yeah,the Rinne one is pretty weak. If thats all I gotta do Ill start leaving my spare goalstick lay across the goalmouth. Roli’s was nice,think Im kinda partial to Thomas’ save though. Some say luck,some say skill…well as Melrose always said,”Ya gotta be good to be lucky,and lucky to be good at times”. I dont care what anyone says,long as I keep it out of my net Im happy haha.

  10. Lauren

    Didn’t Rask make a save almost identical to the Thomas save that’s on that list? I can’t remember who it was against though… I just remember it because it looked more like Thomas than Rask out there.