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Training tip: Stretching just as important after game

Kipper Glove up

Calgary star Miikka Kiprusoff stretches 3 hours on game day, including 45 minutes after both the morning practice and the game itself.

No matter what level you play at, the importance of stretching before playing goal is as obvious as remembering to put on your cup (or in the case of most NHL goalies, two).

But what about after a game? What about after a practice?

Too many goalies don’t bother to stretch after they’ve played. They could learn something from Calgary standout Miikka Kiprusoff, whose 3-hour game-day stretching routine includes 45 minutes before and after both the morning skate and that evening’s game.

With that in mind, regular InGoal Magazine contributor Maria Mountain has put together a video highlighting five key post-play stretches for goalies serious about taking their game to the next level.

“Did you know that the stretching you do as a goalie to improve your flexibility is different from the stretching that you should do after a game?” said Mountain. “The first is what I call Flexibility Training, while the latter is Restorative Training. With your restorative stretching the goal is to help your body recover from the stress and trauma of the game. To tell your body that the emergency is over and it can now start the repair phase.”

The stretches in the video will help take some of the tension off the muscles you use most while playing the position, and therefore help those muscles recover quicker. For more goalie-specific training from Maria Mountain, be sure to check out her exciting new Rapid Response Goalie Training package.

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  1. Matt in Montreal

    Cool. Maria’s YouTube videos are the best. Glad she’s on board with you and can’t wait to read Halak’s interview.

  2. Raymond

    Great video….I will have to incorporate some of these stretches into my post game activities!