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Video: Korn Teaches a Few Tricks to Former Cap

Video: Korn Teaches a Few Tricks to Former Cap

It’s always interesting to see one of the most respected coaches in the game at work. When you get to see a new take on some plays we have all made routinely a different way, so much the better.

Washington goalie coach Mitch Korn spent some time working with former Caps goalie Brent Johnson in this video. You’ll see him employing the medicine ball he uses with his goaltenders to train their skating movements, he shows a different way to stop a shot most of us (including Johnson) would have routinely tried to blocker or catch in the past. Today as goaltenders are taught to be conservative in their movements and to not chase pucks that would otherwise go wide, this technique is a different take on a similar concept. Here Korn asks Johnson not to chase with his gloves but to employ a smaller body movement that won’t risk opening holes on shots close by.

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Thanks to @MonumentalNtwrk via InGoal contributor Clare Austin () for the video:

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  1. Ian Wotherspoon

    After 40 years of coaching goalies I still learn every time I watch a video with Mitch Korn whether he’s teaching a young goalie or a seasoned Pro. He has also written many interesting articles on how to teach and coach goalies. Mitch is so knowledgeable when it comes to teaching goalies how to play the position of goalie as well as everything else in-between. If you are new to this site, a goalie or a parent of a goalie or a goalie coach can I suggest to you to get into the archives of and learn from one of if not the best goalie coach around. Spend as much time as possible watching his teaching videos and reading his many article as you will learn much more than you think you will, I did..

  2. Mike Frantz

    Better yet, send your kid to his camps, whIch are the best value in goaltending. He’s a true living legend and accessible to all.