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Warrior Ritual G2 Glove and Blocker Video

Warrior Ritual G2 Glove and Blocker Video

It’s here, the first look at the Warrior Ritual G2 glove and blocker innovations from Warrior’s design team. With removable palms and user-selectable break angles to name just two key features never seen before in goal equipment, you’ll want to watch their latest video review today:

Earlier week at InGoal we shared the first look at Warrior’s video review of their new Ritual G2 pads – the first look inside at the design from the team that created them. InGoal was so impressed when we tested them that we  called them the most innovative gear yet – it’s all in our 28-page InGoal Magazine Special Edition review.

Warrior Ritual G2 CustomizerIf you’ve been through the two videos why not head over to and check out the new Ritual G2 Customizer – design your own set and imagine the possibilities of strapping them on in the new year.

In addition to the limitless variations you can create in the Ritual G2 Custom, there are also customizers for the two other looks that will be available in the new line: the Custom Classic with more of a retro look, and the Custom Euro, which combines a customizable outer roll and side panels with a white face, something that was inspired by the need to leave the front blank so European pro teams could ad advertising.

If you have any questions about the new Ritual G2 after seeing the videos and working with the customizer – don’t forget to read the InGoal Magazine  Special Edition review.

Warrior Ritual G2 SE Cover 250 px


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  1. Christopher Reif

    I’m so stoked about Warrior’s new gear!!! I can’t wait for them to finally hit the stores. I also can’t wait fot the “InGoal Magazine” contest for Warrior’s G2 Ritual gear (if they do have it, & I hope they do). All Hail Warrior!!!