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Would you like to spend a day with Carey Price?

This post has expired. It was originally published in 2015 and the day with Carey Price occurred in August 2015.

Fill out this form and you’ll be the first to hear all the details

and have a chance to win one of three Eli Wilson Goaltending Camps

Thank you for your interest in the day with Carey Price and Eli Wilson Goaltending. As the note that sent you here stated, we are just firming up the final details but the opportunity is big! Big as in a day with Carey Price. Big as in a set of CCM pads and gloves. And a week-long camp with Eli, and Under Armour, Biosteel and more. And it’s all in aid of raising money for a fund Eli Wilson Goaltending has established to help young goaltenders in need to financial support for training and equipment. 

Until then, if you enter a bit of information here we promise you’ll be the first to know when all the final details are worked out! Oh, and did we mention? By entering here you’ll have the opportunity to win one of three Eli Wilson Goaltending Camps this summer?


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  1. Manon

    My daughter would be so proud. He’s the reason why she loves goaltending and her wish would be to meet him.

  2. Charlene wawatie

    My sons is a big fan we are located in a very remote area of the James Bay..a small community of the Cree Nation of Wemindji…would be so awesome if my son could meet him because we don’t have opportunities like this…if we do, we travel for 9-10hrs just for goalie trainings once a year!

  3. Melissa RIntoul

    Our daughter adores Carey Price. He is by far her favourite player and role model (much to the dismay or her loyal Leaf’s fan father! lol) She is a third year goalie having started as an under ager in Novice and would be thrilled to spend a day working it on the ice with Carey!

    • David Hutchison

      This post was originally published in 2015 and the day with Carey Price occurred in August 2015. Sorry about that!

  4. ERin mccluskey

    My son is very interest in this camp, more details would be appreciated.

    • David Hutchison

      This post has expired. It was originally published in 2015 and the day with Carey Price occurred in August 2015. Sorry about that!

  5. Susan a conrad

    My nephew (7.5 years old), who made his advanced group, in his first full year of goaltending, idolizes Carey Price, and it would mean so much to him to meet and play with Carey

  6. Heather Robinson

    I am interested in this please if u could let us know when it is offers again 🙂

  7. Jason Bass

    My son has been playing goalie and would love the opportunity to train with Carey. He hasn’t had much training because of cost but YouTube and heart has brought him a long way

  8. Noah Klemmer

    Our little guy has wanted to be a goalie since the first day he could walk.
    His father, uncle and cousins are goalies as well. And even though his mother and papa cheer for the leafs, his father and uncle and cousin (Mack Shields, who played for the Calgary hitmen) cheer for Montreal! Noah has decided to cheer for both teams! His idols are his father, his cousin and Carey Price!

  9. Chris stranger

    I have a 7 yr old grandson that became a full time goalie for his team this year because that’s what he wanted to be! When he was 5 yrs old he wanted to put on an old set of men’s leather pads and go keep goal for his cousin. I tried to convince him he couldn’t use them, but I couldn’t! So I strapped them on him and sent him outside to teach him a lesson. To my amazement he made it down the stairs and onto the rink. After about 15 mins his cousin came in and said Cohen wants to come in now. So I went out and got him where he was laying down and couldn’t get up. He always wanted to be a goalie so I started buying him equipment. So far this winter he’s broken a pair of goalie skates, smashed 2 goalie sticks from stopping pucks which I shoot at him. I have 2 goalie nets, I shoot 7 pucks at him and he just goes to the other net and he continues on without a break! He even had me outside at 12 am for 1 hr and 15 min and he only stopped because I was tired! I don’t teach him angles because I only let him work on stopping pucks and he amazes me. No matter how many goals get scored on him he never gets discouraged because this is what I tell him “there’s no goalie that has ever stopped every shot, and there’s no shooter that has scored on every shot!” Also that as long as you do your best and have fun you will always win no matter what the score is. He is an amazing little boy who adores Carey Price because I told him he is one of us. I got to take him to see Carey play in Winnipeg this year and it was one of the best days of our lives and the icing on the cake was when Montreal won with Carey in net. I was also amazed at how calm Price was under all that pressure to make the playoffs. Hope to hear back, be another blessing in our lives. Oh his traditional name is water eagle boy. Meegwetch

  10. Lisa Traficante-loncao

    My daughter McKenna, who is 9, found hockey last year and is obsessed! She would love to be a goalie but we have not been able to supply her with goalie equipment. OMG…had no idea of the cost! She borrowed someone’s equipment for one practice and proceeded to do a butterfly…I did not know what it was called but McKenna said, “I watch Carey Price and that is what he does!” Hockey has meant so much more to our family than just a sport for our daughter. McKenna has ADHD, Anxiety, and has difficulties fitting in with peers. When she is on the ice she is happy and confident The amount of expended energy that she is able to put forth works better than any medication. Her pediatrician said that hockey was, “the best medicine for McKenna.”
    She has found her place in the world, on the ice. She has found acceptance, on the ice. She has found her confidence, on the ice. Most importantly she has found her happiness in hockey.
    Of course her number is 31 even though she is not a goalie. Yes, people always thinks she is a goalie with that number. When they ask, she just smiles and looks at us as if to say…see I NEED to be a GOALIE.
    As a new hockey mom, we are seeking every opportunity to play. All someone has to do is text us about hockey and McKenna is there! Never missed a practice or game her first year. Ok, she did go home early one practice after she threw up.
    The world of hockey has become our second home and we are thankful.


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