Montreal Canadiens star Carey Price is back for his sixth Pro-Read, this time breaking down video of a tough 2-on-1 chance that develops in-zone against the Colorado Avalanche.

Price talks about managing his depth in this situation, and it makes for a nice juxtaposition to his last Pro Read featuring a more detailed breakdown of a rush from higher in the zone.

​The Scenario

After a pass from the boards creates a quick odd-man chance from inside the zone, Price is faced with Colorado center Carl Soderberg, who scored 23 goals that season, loading up a shot as he skates to the hash marks, and Matt Calvert cutting in on the backdoor as a pass option.

What do you think of Price’s positioning at this point? With Soderberg so wide open and on his forehand, would you consider coming out to challenge a bit more?

Looking back at Price’s last Pro Read scenario below, he came out past the top of his crease to face a rush that resulted in a similar backdoor option. So, what’s different this time?

Of course, Price’s last Pro Read rush started through the neutral zone, the numbers were even as it crossed the blue line, and he talked about wanting to have a little backwards momentum for that final push. Let’s take a look at the differences with this sequence.

The Save

The most obvious difference with this rush is where it starts:

Seeing that, does it change or reinforce your opinion at all about where Price positioned himself in the crease? At the very least does it explain the difference between last time?

The Pro-Read

Let’s see what Price himself had to say.

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