Maria Mountain from Goalie Training Pro returns this week to talk about an important topic for all goalies – speed – and how to build it properly by training your outer range power.

With the beer league season underway and a lot aging goalies returning to the ice for the first time in 18 months or more because of pandemic-related restrictions, InGoal Magazine got a handful of requests for help staying healthy as they try to get back up to speed. 
The default response to any goalie reaching out for advice about how to stay on the ice and off the injured list has always been to start with Maria Mountain’s 14-day Butterfly Challenge, which is now available as an App. But these are unique times, so we reached out to Maria directly to see if she would put together something just for InGoal Premium and, in addition to several hilarious (and not entirely inaccurate) shots at Woody, she came through with a quick goalie-specific off-ice warm-up designed to help reduce those early season tweaks:
Who knew that turning on the heated seats in the car on the drive to the rink wasn’t really a good enough warm up? Thanks so much to Maria for taking the time to help Woody … err, our audience get ready to play properly and avoid early season injuries, especially for those of you who weren’t able to get on the ice or skate at all for the past year and a half.
No one has helped more goalies all over the world and right up to the NHL learn how to train for the position than Maria, and we’re grateful for all she does. As she mentioned in her video, you can’t immediately make up for avoiding that work completely for the past 18 months, so if you want to get more information about her work and programs she offers, including the free Butterfly Challenge App, be sure to check out her work at Goalie Training Pro TV on Youtube, as well as @goalietraining on Instagram, or at her website, GoalieTrainingPro.com.

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Maria Mountain's off-ice warm-up can help goalies of all ages avoid injury . . .

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