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“Every NHL Goalie coach I know is a subscriber.”

“Keep up the awesome work you guys do at InGoal. You guys do an incredible job, you’re leading in what you do, cutting-edge. It’s a great resource for all of us young and old in the goalie-fraternity, a lot of the grassroots from the little kids that are playing novice to midget to BC J [BCHL] to Alberta J [AJHL], US College, minors, Europe, Pro, to the weekend warriors as well.”

Kevin Weekes

Broadcaster and Former NHL Goaltender

“Whether you’re fluent in goaltending or a novice InGoal is the best place to learn more and stay current. Every NHL Goalie coach I know is a subscriber.”

Steve Valiquette

Broadcaster, Analytics Expert & Former NHL Goaltender

“I’m a big fan of InGoal and even though I played the position and it was a while back I still have to keep up with the modern game and so I tend to lean into your magazine and the shows and everything, and I listen to the goaltenders and listen to yourself talk so I appreciate that.”

Darren Pang

Broadcaster, Former NHL Goalie

“You guys do an unreal job, your publication is second to none…I highly recommend it for young goalies, coaches that want to learn about the game. Your publication is THE publication. The play reads that you have with NHL goalies, that’s masterful. As a young coach you’re always looking for information – that’s a bible of info.”

Frantz Jean

Goaltending Coach and 2-time Stanley Cup Winner, Tampa Bay Lightning

“It’s a smart thing for young kids. When I was younger I didn’t have any goalie coaches – I think I would spend my day and night there on that website.”

Elvis Merzļikins

Columbus Blue Jackets

“Well I’m not blowing smoke but InGoal Magazine, that’s what you guys are doing….Your Pro-Reads – this is how the game is read. You’re not going to get enough reps playing, so you’ve gotta watch.”

Brian Daccord

Former NHL Goaltending Coach, Stop It Goaltending, Boston University, Sense Arena

“Even as a goalie coach, I watch those Pro-Reads to figure out what those guys are seeing and what they’ve seen in the past and how the game changes and its amazing information to have in your back pocket.”

Richard Bachman

Goaltending Development Coach, Minnesota Wild

“Anyone that doesn’t subscribe is crazy. So much good stuff, love it!

I’ve added some off-ice drills to my workouts from Adam. Going to try to get the same skate strapping you showed from Blackwood on my True skates. I also have to wear Bauer next year and your review really calmed my nerves. Keep the great content coming!”

Brandon Maxwell

Olympian / 9-year pro

InGoal has something for the entire goaltending community to help you get more out of the game we all love.

Are you a goaltender who wants to get better and enjoy the game more?

InGoal is the place for you. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re headed for the pros or already there — and yes, even those of us well past your primes but still strapping on the pads — InGoal is filled with content from NHL goalies and NHL coaches teaching you how to stop more pucks today. 

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Are you a goalie parent who wants to help their son or daughter get more out of the game they love?

Content specifically for goalie parents to help you through some of the challenges we all face. Plus all the great goalie-specific content that will help you help your child make the most of their time on and off the ice – and have fun doing it.

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Markstrom and Clark, Groulx and Anderson, Habs Waite with Lindgren, Carey Price, Panthers’ Tallas with Reimer, Hellebuyck and Brossoit…

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Robin Lehner, Mikka Kiprusoff, How Sweden Invented the RVH…

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Pekka Rinne, Carey Price, James Reimer

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Exclusive series with Pete Fry – The Athlete Mindset, The Three Mental Zone System, the 23% Rule, Why do I suck…

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