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Inside the masks of Alex Auld

plus a look at some famous knee pads

by Kevin Woodley

Alex Auld played for nine different NHL teams over a 12-year pro career, including six over one five-year span, which makes for a heck of a goalie mask collection once you retire.

The only problem for Auld was he left most of them at a home he kept in Florida and had been renting out to Panthers players long after his one season there in 2006-07.  After selling the house, he arranged to have them transferred to and stored by — in a goalie-sized hockey bag, what else? — the Panthers, who recently handed that bag off to the visiting Vancouver Canucks, Auld’s first NHL team and one he covered on radio last season in his current home.

InGoal Magazine just happened to be at Rogers Arena the day Auld picked up that bag of old goalie masks (and one historically significant set of kneepads goalies will love), so we ducked into a spare locker room and spent a little time going over each mask, the paint job, and the unique circumstances behind it. Add in his junior hockey mask, and it’s quite a history.

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