by David Hutchison and Marco Marciano

Every goaltender uses crease movement drills virtually every time they step on the ice. Whether it’s a routine warm up before a game or practice, or part of drills in a goalie-specific practice session, they are fundamental to our training. More often than not, many of us will simply go through the motions, working through the pattern with little thought and little focus on the details. 

In fact, it often comes as a surprise to young goaltenders to know the NHL stars they look up to are probably doing the very same basic drills they are doing in their own practice. Carey Price talked the importance of crease movement patterns in the “Kickout Drill” we published in December, and we have another article coming with Carter Hart stressing the same message. Until then, we will begin by watching Detroit Red Wings’ goalie Jonathan Bernier, who was our guest on this week’s podcast, work through a skating drill we have probably all done.

The first thing to note as we watch the drill and listen to Marco Marciano, who has worked with Bernier since his first year in high school and is now the AHL goaltending coach for the Montreal Canadiens, break it down for us, is this is a drill Bernier does in his regular training. This wasn’t a special demonstration for InGoal Members. It was shared from Marciano’s iPad, an example of a basic drill used in everyday training by an NHL goalie.

This is an excellent drill to watch for goaltenders of all ages, for parents and for coaches. We spend so many hours working on movement patterns just like this one, but often forget basic details or cut corners as we drift through a drill we have done a thousand times. Or we may be so intent on ‘working hard’ and impressing coaches and fellow goaltenders that we race through important parts of the drill.

Watch Bernier work in the video below, listen to Marciano’s commentary, and find a few details you can think about next time you are on the ice so that you get the most out of every training session.

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