Pro-Gear: Carey Price Skate Lace in Glove


With the NHL on pause, Pro Gear segments with NHL goaltenders have gotten a little tougher here at InGoal because we’re no longer in the locker room on a near daily basis to talk equipment specs and custom tweaks with the best goalies in the world.

Thankfully, we have still our InGoal Premium members to inspire us.

Last week’s segment featuring Carey Price going over his toe tie preferences was sparked by a member question from our first ever online meet-up to review the new Bauer UltraSonic line, so we figured we go back to that session for inspiration again this week. And wouldn’t you know it, we have Price answering another member question about glove pockets.

This one took a bit of a deeper dive into the archives, which will be evident by how young the Montreal Canadiens star looks at our second Day with Price event put on by Eli Wilson Goaltending. Fortunately, as Price chatted in the locker room while everyone put on their gear that day, one of the goaltenders in attendance had the same question one of our members did at the recent meet-up: Why do you have nylon and skate lace in your glove pocket?

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