Devan McConnell is the Director of Performance Science & Reconditioning Coach for the New Jersey Devils – and an InGoal Member. After he joined us for a fascinating podcast episode where we did a deep dive on sport science and goaltending, we asked Devan if he would talk about the daily routine their goaltenders go through. When we first heard about the many elements they practice each day we assumed it would be imposing, more than anyone but a pro could manage. Instead, we learned it was an efficient 10-15 minute daily practice designed to yield maximal results under the challenging schedule demands of an NHL season.

In other words, just about anyone can do it and fit it into their own busy lives. So, we asked Devan if he would share it in more detail with our Members. Thankfully, he was happy to. Today we present the first of four parts to this series. Although it will become an efficient daily practice for you, we felt from a teaching perspective it would be easier to break it into smaller components. We begin with foam rolling and stretching. Even those of you experienced in both, we’re confident there’s something to learn from the pros.

This is an example of our Pre-Practice Goaltender Prep routine our goaltenders perform 30-45 min before getting on the ice. We have several variations, but the recipe remains the same: address soft tissue quality, followed by soft tissue length, then joint mobility, movement skills/dynamic flexibility, and finally “microdosing” strength and power with several goalie-specific exercises. For the purposes of this series, I’ve adapted some of the exercises to variations that can be done with little more than a couple thick bands and a 10-pound weight plate. These are similar to what we might perform in our performance center with slightly more sophisticated equipment.

Would you like to learn more about Strength and Conditioning from Devan McConnell? His book Intent: A Practical Approach to Applied Sport Science for Athletic Development is on our reading list now!

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