Off-Ice: New Jersey Devils Daily Goaltender Prep Complete Program

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Devan McConnell is the Director of Performance Science & Reconditioning Coach for the New Jersey Devils – and an InGoal Member. After he joined us for a fascinating podcast episode where we did a deep dive on sport science and goaltending, we asked Devan if he would talk about the daily routine their goaltenders go through.

Over the past month we have published this routine in four smaller segments. Today we are sharing all four videos in one edited compilation that will be easier to follow along as you work through the program and make it part of your own personal routine. This video has most of the teaching segments removed and is intended purely as a convenience to help you move quickly through the exercises. If you have not seen each of the individual videos we strongly encourage you to start there. Technique in each exercise is key; Devan stresses the importance of not merely going through the motions but making the most of the time you are investing in your training. So please don’t use this video as a short cut – watch each segment and try the exercises there first. Then come back when you’re ready to put it into a regular day as a guide rather than full instruction.


Watch part I Soft Tissue Health

Watch Part II Mobility

Watch Part III – Movement Skills

Watch Part IV – Neural Primer


Would you like to learn more about Strength and Conditioning from Devan McConnell? His book Intent: A Practical Approach to Applied Sport Science for Athletic Development is on our reading list now!

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