Push ups for your hips? Goalie-specific that will help you make a last-second desperation save? We’ve got one for you that does both. Last week Adam Francilia, who works with some of the best goalies in the game, brought us a one-arm pushup designed with goaltenders in mind that came with a progression of difficulty. Today the San Jose Sharks consultant returns with another pushup but this one will really challenge you and requires some basic pushup strength before you can push yourself with this variant. 

This exercise is designed to work your hips – the Gluteus medius (“Glute Med.”) specifically, a key muscle for all goaltenders regardless of level. At the same time it will work on your core as it requires torso stability, as you coordinate your oblique muscles in support as you swing the leg forward to touch your elbow.

Just as veteran James Reimer told InGoal that Francilia’s one-arm pushup helped him make an NHL save, you can imagine the desperation situation where rather than lying helplessly hoping something would hit you, you’ll have the ability to swing a leg forward to help build coverage with your arm when you need it, thanks to the swing leg pushup.

So give this one a try and see if you can add it to your regular workouts and let us know how it goes!

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