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Mike Condon Pro-Read: Powerplay Responsibilities vs. Columbus

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Yes, we realize Mike Condon didn’t play an NHL game this season as he continued battle back from the injuries and rehabilitation process documented during a fascinating InGoal Radio Podcast interview last summer. But his insights have been among the best we’ve received in Pro Reads to date, starting with his break down of a Winter Classic save in front of friends and family as part of the storied rivalry between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins.

So, we’re going back to Condon for another breakdown, his fourth overall. Condon’s body may have let him down the past two seasons, something he discussed at length during the above-mentioned podcast interview, but as we’ve already seen, there’s little doubt about his ability to process the game and the role it played in a pro career few expected to materialize.

The Save

As we look at the freeze frame above, you’ll notice Condon uses and overlap as he slides down to his right post as the pass arrives at the side of the net from the half wall. Given how this play evolves in the video below, do you think that was the correct post integration?

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