Adam Francilia, who works with some of the best goalies in the game, has kindly shared with InGoal Members a number of exercises he uses with his pro clients. One of the features we always see is a tie in between the off-ice work being done and a specific technique being taught on the ice. More recently he has shared some exercises that will support you in desperation mode, including the swing leg pushup and a one-arm pushup designed with goaltenders in mind. You should also check out the Swiss Ball Groin Buster.  Today the San Jose Sharks consultant breaks out the swiss ball again with another in his series designed to help you avoid a common on-ice error known as counter-rotation.

Today’s exercise, the supine lateral ball roll, challenges to to maintain a stable core in both the vertical and horizontal planes when your torso naturally wants to counter-rotate to maintain balance rather than firing your oblique muscles as you should on the ice to ensure your back side comes with you as you rotate and push.

As always, please watch the video through in its entirety to ensure a complete understanding of both the purpose and the technique as well as key teaching points to focus on before attempting it yourself. Francilia suggests you do 2-3 sets of 5 repetitions in each direction on the ball as part of your regular training. 

Bonus: You’ll also learn of an important technique needed to stabilize your neck at the extreme range of motion in the lateral ball roll that will help you avoid whiplash type effects in the event of an on-ice collision.

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