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Mike Valley: 10 lessons from career of former Stars goalie coach part 7

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Part 7: The Power of Swagger

It’s not a stretch to say this might be our favorite lesson in this 10-part series with former Dallas Stars goaltending coach Mike Valley. After all, how often do you start a lesson with the story of meeting a young Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Sweden, the immediate and eye-opening impact of how he introduced himself, and relate it back to the swagger Los Angeles Kings goalie Cal Petersen.

“You feel it. I can’t explain it, but you can’t fake it,” Valley said.

Valley shares those stories in detail, as well as similar takes of Marty Turco and a junior aged Henrik Lundqvist, in the latest in our ongoing series highlighting 10 lessons from his fascinating career as a professional goalie, goalie coach and self-described serial entrepreneur. As he has with each lesson, Valley then relates how that confidence and aura — how we carry ourselves – can affect our lives as goalies, as goaltending coaches and even as goalie parents:

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