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With the World Junior Championships underway, now is a perfect time to share a presentation from Hockey Canada’s Tyler Dietrich on how to use video and technology effectively.

Dietrich, who has since taken an assistant coach position with the Saskatoon Blades, isn’t a goalie himself and his presentation was primarily directed towards goaltending coaches, particularly from the Western Hockey League, who were in attendance at the WHL / Hockey Canada Goaltending Symposium presented by InGoal Magazine this summer. But there were good lessons that will have value to other goalie coaches, young goalies and even parents, whether they are working on their own, as part of a youth team, or remotely in private.

Dietrich, who was a video coach on Canada’s gold-medal winning team at last year’s World Junior Championship and is back as an assistant coach on this year’s team, spent 30 minutes reviewing his keys to effective communication with athletes using video. He reviewed a range of video services resources and how to use them effectively, talked about the importance of condensing clips and presentations into easily digestible segments, and shared examples.

Those included both breaking down Jacob Markstrom’s last season in the NHL, and how Jason LaBarbera, who was part of this presentation and is currently the goalie coach for Canada at the World Juniors before starting with the Calgary Flames after the tournament, used video during last year’s event to not only help his goalies, but also to help Canada score in the semi-final.  

Dietrich, who has also worked with Canada’s senior national team for the World Championships, also answers questions for almost 20 minutes after his 30-minute presentation: 

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