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Shortly after Ken Dryden published his recent article in the Atlantic longtime InGoal writer Paul Campbell published some of his thoughts in a Twitter thread that stood out to us. Campbell’s takes on such varied topics as his New Aesthetics of Goaltending series including this look at Dominik Hasek and  The Myth of the Standup Goalie,  his Meaning of Carey Price article or his many articles exposing common myths through the use of goaltending analytics have been enjoyed by readers for many years now, always digging deeper into topics for a more nuanced look. InGoal felt our Members would enjoy seeing Campbell expand on his Twitter thoughts with a more detailed analysis of the article, published here. Whatever your thoughts, please let us know in the comments below!

There is no more respected voice of reason from the ranks of hockey’s legends than Ken Dryden; I see him more as a public intellectual than simply a wise hockey mind, and his contribution to our understanding of the game’s cultural impact is immeasurable. When he weighs in on any important topic, I pay close attention, because I’m likely to learn something. When he wades into a hockey debate, I absorb every word, nodding along with his arguments as I admire his language.

Reading Dryden’s bigger nets article in The Atlantic, I was reminded that even the most eloquent and well-reasoned figures aren’t infallible. His assessment of the modern game is uncharacteristically weak, both in its specific details and its overall trajectory.

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