Chris Driedger at Kraken expansion draft –  Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire

With the Seattle Kraken preparing for the first regular-season game in franchise history on Tuesday, and more than 10 other entries since we last touched base for a video review with him, now seemed like the perfect time to go back to Chris Driedger for Pro Reads.

Yes, it’s still footage from his time with the Florida Panthers, but as we await fresh regular-season clips from all over the NHL — and we promise, there is fresh material coming from lots more big names — we wanted to make sure we didn’t waste any of these breakdowns, especially with how forthcoming Driedger has been sharing his insights and reads.


This play starts with a rush chance, and while some of the best lessons come from what ensues after this initial attempt, there is also value in breaking down how Driedger plays this, especially because of his honest reflections while reviewing the entire video below.

But first, what do you make of his positioning on this initial chance?


As you’ll see in the save video below, Dallas defenseman John Klingberg loads up an apparent shot and holds for a while, something to keep in mind as you watch this sequence play out:

Even if you’re critical of how Driedger plays the initial attempt, and where it leaves him, can you see some of the keys to his recovery process? It may seem like a scramble but there is purpose in elements of it, which Driedger explains below. See if you can spot them before watching.


Now let’s listen to Driedger’s thought process on both the initial attempt and what follows:

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