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As Luongo Retires we Look Back to his Contributions to InGoal Magazine

As Luongo Retires we Look Back to his Contributions to InGoal Magazine

Roberto Luongo has been such a big part of InGoal Magazine over the years, and in the writing and projects that make InGoal what it is today.

It started during Luongo’s first stint with the Florida Panthers, with InGoal writer Kevin Woodley’s first in-depth goalie interview for a cover story of the inaugural edition of the old Goalie News, and it sparked his passion for a position that to that point he hadn’t even played. It continued throughout Luongo’s time in Vancouver, including an Ask a Pro where he answered questions from InGoal readers and led to a breakthrough story for at the 2010 Olympics and how the IIHF mandated switch to two-piece glove cuff after he broke in a one-piece glove pre-tournament actually helped make a game saving stop late in the semi-finals against Slovakia.

There were countless stories over the years, and many focussed on Loungo’s constant drive to get better, whether it was adjusting his glove positioning and depth, or adding the reverse-VH to his repertoire in 2013, and those culminated in a tribute to Luongo when he became just the third goalie ever to play 1,000 games that is as good a summary of his remarkable career as any that will be written now, on the day of his retirement. It only seemed natural that the first feature interview for the new InGoal Radio Podcast also featured Luongo (interviewed while driving in in Kevin’s car, no less). As classy and thoughtful off the ice as he was competitive and driven on it, we at InGoal are going to miss watching Luongo play, but smile knowing the inspiring conversations about a position he helped us love even more will continue.

Earlier today we caught up with friend and former-teammate, Cory Schneider, on the phone to reflect on Lu’s career.


InGoal Talks to Cory Schneider about Roberto Luongo

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  1. Mohkam

    I have always looked up to Luongo. He was my favourite when he was on the Vancouver Canucks.

  2. Mohkam

    Luongo has been my favourite player in the NHL and was the reason I started watching hockey. One day I just decided to watch a Canucks game and Luongo was in net and made some really nice saves that game. Ever since then I’ve been a devoted fan of the Vancouver Canucks and Roberto Luongo. Watching Luongo also inspired me to be a hockey goalie. I’ve been playing goalie for the last 7 years because of watching Luongo play, and sometimes I get myself ready for games by watching Luongo highlights. I really wanted to see Luongo win the cup and so I was cheering for both Florida Panthers and Vancouver Canucks when he got traded. Luongo also has a great personality which simply increased my admiration of him. All in all, Luongo is the reason that I got into some things that I love and for that, thank you Roberto.

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Kevin Woodley

Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.