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Fleury combines last two Golden Knights masks into new one

Marc-Andre Fleury liked the two masks he wore last season so much, he asked his personal artist, Stephane Bergeron of Griff Airbrush designs, to combine them on his new Vegas Golden Knights mask for the upcoming 2019-20 season.

“Marc-Andre loved a lot his two masks from the past season, so he asked to have one side of each mask,” Bergeron wrote when he shared these images with InGoal.

The left side of Fleury’s new CCM mask is the same as the left side of the one he started with last season, continuing the Vegas themes he started with his first mask in 2017:

The right side of the new mask, however, is an update on Fleury’s second mask last season, which was designed to look like he’s actually wearing a Golden Knight’s helmet, and was worn primarily when he donned his popular gold CCM pads and gloves.

Not sure what this new combo-paint job means for how often we’ll see the gold pads and gloves next season, but like most goaltenders, we hope it indicates they’ll be worn more often. Of course, when Fleury talked to InGoal about his brightly coloured pads last season, he admitted his instincts remain to wear more white, even though he started his response with praise for Carey Price’s red pads and a shared belief shooters know where the net is, regardless of colour, and aren’t delayed or confused by white pads.

“That’s what I think too and I love Carey’s red pads,” said Fleury, who began his career wearing bright yellow pads with the Pittsburgh Penguins but switched out of them on the advice of an optometrist. “But then it’s still in my mind I should have more white. That’s why I like to bring the gold back once in a while. I always liked my yellow pads and it was a little throw back to that and I thought being a Golden Knight it would be fitting to have gold. I will still wear my white pads most of the time though.”

We can only hope he’s changed his mind with this new mask nest season. In the meantime, enjoy these additional photos of it, courtesy of Bergeron, which better highlight his use of gold leaf and flake, a gold painted cage and even hardware. And for more of Bergeron’s great work, including a long list of designs for Fleury over the years, be sure to check out his official website or Facebook page.


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