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PREMIUM: James Reimer Pro-Read

InGoal has just launched the new Premier Edition with exclusive content for members. It’s a hybrid of magazine and website, or as we like to say, half magazine, half website, all goaltending. This is a short excerpt from one of our first articles. For more on InGoal Premium please visit

We had the opportunity in the summer to sit down with James Reimer after a practice session to go over some saves from his previous season in Florida.  Today we look at one of them, a common threat in today’s game which takes an otherwise routine save a goaltender could make 99% of the time if he had a clear line of sight and reduces his chances significantly.

The Layered Screen

Screen shots are difficult to handle on their own but an even more challenging situation develops when that becomes a layered screen where the goaltender has to find sightlines through not just multiple bodies but multiple screens at different depths in a very dynamic situation.

Rather than laying out the entire situation here, take a moment to watch the play up until the screen. We’ll freeze it then and you can take a moment to consider a few things: How would you find a sightline given all the bodies in front? What is happening in the scene; where will the bodies shift next and how might that influence your read and positioning? and finally, what is the most likely threat here and where will it manifest itself in front of Reimer when the puck arrives for him to make a save?

The Pro-Read

Now that you’ve seen the situation that Reimer worked through with our Members, you can get a taste of it in the video below. The full video and a more detailed article are available to Premium Members today.

InGoal Premium Article

To read the rest of this article and see the full video demonstration, please visit the InGoal Premium Edition today.