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PREMIUM Pro Reads: Frederik Andersen breaks down multiple-threats save

Frederik Andersen spent almost four minutes walking us through a sequence that ended with this glove save.

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An individual scoring chance doesn’t come from a single moment in a game; just as hockey is a dynamic game, so too are individual scoring chances, evolving out of a play that often happened well before.

The Scenario

All of our other Pro Reads have begun with a single scenario, giving you a chance to imagine how a play might evolve. Of course we know any static view could develop in multiple ways. Still, it is an interesting way of looking at the beginning of a read and thinking about what our pros might have to say before we hear from them.

We might have done that with this next read; however, our Pro today, Toronto’s Frederik Andersen, begins his read well before the shot and identifies the developing play. Consider the three images below.

The play begins with the puck in the corner to Andersen’s right, as often happens starting with a relatively safe situation before the first defensive mistake is made. In the second frame Phil Kessel, who started behind the net in frame 1, has the puck and is skating across the top of the zone. Shots there are not high danger – but Kessel is a talented shooter who has to be respected. Finally, in frame three, Jason Demers has walked down the wall and received the puck from Kessel.

Consider for a moment what you would be preparing for in each of these three frames, just a moment in time for Frederik Andersen to consider as the last line of defence for Toronto.   

Andersen spent almost four minutes walking us through his approach to the entire sequence in the Toronto zone for this Pro Read segment, including the need to stay on and respect Kessel as a shooter as he skated across the high slot simply because it was Kessel, how he approached his post integration (and why he still chooses and still uses a traditional VH technique as well as Reverse-VH and overlap, depending on the situation), the keys to finding the loose puck in the ensuing scramble, and how he reads the shot that leads the spectacular glove save pictured above.

You can hear (and see) Andersen discussing those final two elements of this extended play in this teaser video below. The complete video, including all the reads that preceded this — and 13 other Pro Reads featuring NHL goalies — are available to InGoal Premium subscribers. Details on how to access it all are below the video.

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