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PREMIUM Pro-Tips: Rob Tallas, James Reimer and Paddle Down on Wraparounds

Florida Panthers goaltending coach Rob Tallas working with James Reimer on wraparounds.

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Paddle down is not dead. That much became clear during a conversation started by a warm up drill Florida Panthers goaltending coach Rob Tallas was doing with then-Panthers and current Carolina Hurricanes goalie James Reimer as they got ready to work at the 2018 NET360 Goalie Camp.

As they moved through the usual array of movement patterns on both the skates and knees, Tallas had Reimer performing basic butterfly slides in both directions, but while holding the paddle of his stick flat on the ice. That led to a question from fellow coach Fred Brathwaite, who has worked with Hockey Canada and the New York Islanders since ending his own 19-season pro career, and this conversation between the three (and demonstration, courtesy of Reimer) that we captured about the value of a specific paddle down technique on wraparounds:

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