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Eddie Lack Puts Roberto Luongo’s Face On New Mask

Eddie Lack Puts Roberto Luongo’s Face On New Mask

Eddie Lack and Roberto Luongo are known to have a very close relationship, dating back to their time together in the Vancouver Canucks organization. Lack has apparently decided to take that “bromance” to the next level by putting a caricature of Luongo’s face on the back plate of his new mask:

Even though the two goaltenders are now playing in two separate organizations, they still retain a close bond, as shown by their frequent back-and-forth conversations on Twitter.

Aside from Luongo’s face, the picture also offers an interesting sneak peek into what Lack’s new mask will look like. Now that he is a member of the Carolina Hurricanes, many fans and goaltender equipment aficionados are looking forward to seeing what all of his new gear will look like. He let fans submit designs for one of his Brian’s G-Netik Pro II sets last season.

It won’t take long for Lack and Luongo to be reacquainted, as the Florida Panthers travel to Carolina to play the Hurricanes only three games into the 2015-2016 season. No word yet if Eddie Lack will have his bunk bed ready in time for that game.

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Greg Balloch is a Vancouver-based writer for InGoal Magazine, broadcaster for Sportsnet 650, and goaltending coach. His career began in Hamilton, Ontario as the voice of the Junior 'A' Hamilton Red Wings, before moving to Vancouver to cover the Canucks on the radio. A lifelong goaltender, he has been teaching the position for over a decade. He is currently an instructor for Pro4 Sports, and is the goaltending consultant for the BCHL's Surrey Eagles.

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  1. Shaker

    Ok, this is Bromance thing is getting creepy…. I have heard of an angel on your shoulder, but really, Bobby Lou?!?


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